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Many of you know us from our other photography workshops Models and Cameras.

Models and Cameras Meetup Group (https://www.meetup.com/Models-and-Cameras/)

The same elements will be present in the shoots hosted here that are found in our other groups. Our shoot locations will vary greatly including studio, lakeside, homes, poolside, sprawling hills and many in between spots. Several of our regular models will be featured as well as models from abroad and undiscovered. Shoots will be hosted throughout the week and weekend based on the availability of the models. Shoots will often be themed and styled with the aim to create amazing images.


We will be inviting you to some of our staged engagement and bridal shoots which are perfect for those needing to build their portfolio or add some amazing images. Other shoots will be beautiful in their simplicity. A model in town and shooting on a friday evening at sunset in the park. Enjoy a more intimate environment through the small number of photographers present and all the one-on-one time we have to create. It is a goal of the group to allow a more stimulating environment for shooting that allows more room for creativity.


Fees from the group members will allow us to hire models local and abroad. We will be using this time to test out new techniques, new equipment, new locations, new models and new lessons to learn. We are going to be having an adventure and invite you to come along!


This page will have shoots posted that are not available through our other groups. Some will be an hour and simple while others will feature new gear or a weekend workshop. As a monthly member you will receive 10% off all merchandise and other group workshops (including out of state).


The small group size will allow us to set up shoots that are not the right fit for large groups. By creating the intimate space we will be able to get more creative, try new ideas and work with a larger network of individuals. Attention will be given to creating images worth sharing.


Photographers will be able to have their own webpage to feature their work that can be found under our members on modelsandcameras.com. You will have access to all the instructional videos that will be posted and available to members only.


Sign-up for a 30 day free trial to see what we are all about. Dues will be collected once you attend a workshop.

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