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What we’re about

We share information about healthy living in a comfortable, caring and light-hearted environment. Together we form a group of like-minded individuals each seeking to a life full of love, happiness, laughter, health and wellness. We are a dynamic group and each of us has something different and special to offer, whether it is leading a workshop or participating in our group discussions. Expect to learn a lot and have an enjoyable evening!

The MARYLAND HEALTHY LIVING AND ADVOCACY GROUP is open to anyone who has an interest in taking care of their own health, learning "how to", or helping others achieve their true potential.

If you have ever felt that your friends and family do not understand you OR your passion for a healthy lifestyle, then join our group!  We totally "get you" and know what you are all about. YOU are not the weird one. With us, you have instant confidants, a group of individuals who feel the way you do. It's a lifestyle - one worth living for!

Our MOTTO: "If you light a lamp for somebody, it will also brighten your path."

- Informative Workshops 
- Opportunities for members to present and lead discussions and workshops
- Hot Topics in the News!
- Support and Guidance for new members

This is your group and hopefully it will become one of your favorites! While all of us are very passionate, enthusiastic and committed to living a healthy lifestyle, our group will maintain its integrity and always display a deep mutual respect for another's philosophy and zest for life.





All meetings of the Maryland Healthy Living and Advocacy Group are held at the Corner Community Center, 5802 Roland Ave, Baltimore, MD 21210


Standard Day/Time TBD
Jan 2017 - Open Discussion
Feb 2017 - Emotional Eating with Lisa Karasek

Are you interested in presenting?

Contact us if you would like to present a health related topic.  Please keep your presentation educational in format.  We are all about community, so feel free to mention your business. It is great to learn about services and products available in our local area.  If we don't have a speaker one evening, then we will have an Open Discussion and let the information fly. 

For consideration as a speaker, please contact:  Angela Taylor

We look forward to seeing you!

Angela Taylor
Your Group Organizer