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What we're about

This group will bring to light anyone in the lifestyle industry that is changing the world with modern technologies (ex. blockchain technology). This can range from the music, fashion, or movie industry and even goes beyond that.

MDL Talent Hub is taking on the dark side of the entertainment industry. We are introducing an ecosystem that will allow people who want to make a career out of their passion to simply join our platform and find gigs wherever they are in the world.

The issues with the current systems in place, is that there is no one platform that allows this in a clear, transparent and safe way. This is why we are going to implement a reputation system to ensure everyone on our platform is who they say they are and adheres to our ethical standards to ensure no talents get abused and no brand-or-agency-image gets harmed.

Past events (3)

Vintage 1918 Fashion Show & Workshop

Naked Hub, Fuxing

Promoting your fashion brand in 2018

258 Yangzhai Road (Cross Kaixuan Road)

How tech is taking over the fashion industry

Maotai Startup Center

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