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This meetup was first started for developers curious about learning about and building with the MEAN stack, which is a stack that leverages MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node to build web applications. The organizer of this meetup has since moved on to using the MERN Stack (MongoDB, Express, React and Node) and is currently dabbling more into blockchain development and other languages and frameworks outside of the JS/Node ecosystem so we decided to make this meetup a general programming/web development meetup that leans heavily toward JS and web technologies. Topics that we have given talks on in the past that have been on TypeScript, Node, TensorFlow and a myriad of other topics so the group has since long deviated from the "MEAN Stack" framework slant. So, from this day on the "MEAN" in MEAN Stack NYC just means we'll be talking about mean stacks (i.e. whatever awesome stack of technologies people are using to build software these days).

As always, experts and the curious are welcome to join!

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Introduction to Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a subfield of artificial intelligence which focuses on the interactions between computers and human languages. During this meetup we will talk about NLP in detail, tasks and tools that are commonly used and how to get started. Speaker Felicia O'Garro is a Software Engineer who enjoys building applications, reading, traveling, shooting photography and learning new things.

Introduction to Decentralized Exchanges

142 W 57th St

During this meetup we'll talk about Ethereum, smart contracts and how they are used to build decentralized exchanges. We'll learn about what decentralized exchanges are and how they have the potential to revolutionize how securities are traded. Then we'll take a look at Metro, a project that I have been working on during nights and weekends that attempts to provide a central location to validate and settle trades on the Ethereum network using these three protocols allowing the trading of tokens, debt instruments and options on the blockchain. During this talk we will cover the following technologies: * Ethereum * 0x * dYdX * Dharma Speaker Jamal O'Garro is a fullstack developer specializing in building electronic trading systems in Node and Python.

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Creating Desktop Applications with HTML5

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