What we're about

Why was Men of Hope started?

There are support groups for women by women to receive loving support, talk about their pain and emotional struggles, and rightfully so. I gladly support several of these wonderful organizations financially. Women are great at supporting each other through life's challenges.

However, men are hurting too! Yes, we suffer silently, we struggle in the dark, we cry alone, but the problem is, there’s not a lot of safe havens locally for men to go and get help, be transparent, be mentored, and connect to other males who triumphed over a similar personal battle. Yes, there are global organizations that are doing an amazing job reaching men. However, so many men are still falling between the cracks, neglecting their well being and smothering their pain by any means necessary to get through the day.

Whats in it for you?

All successful civilizations have one thing in common, men were committed to their growth and development and to that of other men. Likewise this group is for any man who desires a deep-spirited connection and community with other like-minded men who want to confront struggles, embrace triumphs, and treat every man's individual/collective battle as their own. Our goal is to openly identify issues, discuss, brainstorm, and create action plans for personal growth while fostering accountability among men.

Men of Hope commit to discipline in the following core values:

• Unconditional Love

• Accountability

• Commitment to Personal Development

• Integrity

Men of Hope will discuss the following topics:

• Toxic masculinity

• What makes a man?

• Divorce

• Fatherhood

• Depression

• Marriage, dating, healthy relationships

• Holistic health

• What is character?

• How do you define integrity?

• Financial literacy

• Confronting unresolved issues of the past that have caused the harboring of bitterness, anger or resentment

• Overcoming fears

• Vision board

• How to become more attractive (marketing oneself in a relationship to potential partner and/or re-branding in the corporate world/long term partner)?

• Dressing the man: timeless fashion and classic manners for today

• Pornography

• Childhood and Adult Trauma

• Affirmation and why it matters to men?

• How to earn a woman's respect?

• How excuses hinder change? - be the change you want to be

• Anger management and the importance of self control

• Building self esteem

When does Men of Hope meet?

Men of Hope meets weekly on Sundays to encourage all men, give men a voice in a non judgmental setting, and take this challenge called life by the horns!

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