What we're about

Meditation, Hypnosis and Mind-Body Healing

With Michael Garrity, M.A.

Hypnosis and Meditation

· Are ways of altering consciousness positively

· Are ways of working with mind and awareness

· Help us to develop the power of our minds

· Help us to alleviate past conditioning which causes us to become ill, unhappy, unsuccessful

· Help us to create future visions

· Help us to awaken as spiritual beings

Group and Individual Offerings (by appointment):


· Master of Arts in Psychology with 27 years of counseling experience

· Yoga and Meditation Teacher certified through the Bihar School of Yoga, India since 1981

· Has taught classes for parenting, domestic violence (DV), substance abuse and anger management

· Certified Life Coach, Hypnosis, Angelic Healing, Life Visioning, MINDSCAPING

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