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Spiritual Assessment, an ASERVIC/CPE Model, Nancy Beach, LPC, Chaplain, CPSP

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I have noticed recently how much attention is being paid to Spirituality and Counseling. Finally!!!! However, ACA and APA have suggestions, guidelines and actual examples of how to proceed with this assessment and what to do with it. It can be easily integrated within a psychotherapy practice and the guidelines using ACA-ASERVIC assessment make it very useful as long as we keep our own "house clean" concerning religion, faith and spirituality-notice the 3 words are not one. I would like to present my findings with ACA-ASERVIC, some of the issues, especially local issues and lastly, WHAT to do with this assessment using my Chaplaincy experiences as example, especially Near Death Experiences. And, what is positive, helpful Spirituality vs negative, abusive and psychologically detrimental spirituality??? Faith is a very important part of a individuals' coping mechanisms even though Fraud did not agree that an Entity outside ourselves existed. (He may have wondered about this wisdom as he aged...???) So what do we do with this information as therapists? Most individuals have a Spiritual life with experiences despite not have a traditional church background. What are the ethical issues around Spirituality and Psychotherapy? And, what about the "hot" issues of the subjective, elusive, yet pervasive use of one's faith, especially surrounding fundamentalism? What are some resources on this "seductive" and often misunderstood subject?
Come join me for this interactive discussion/presentation.