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Lamboradi Survival Course Part 4: Last Stand

Price: $20.00 /per person
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This event is part 4 of 4 of the Lamboradi Survival Course sponsored by Xpectre, Inc.

Part 1: Back Country Basics
Part 2: Bush Craft
Part 3: Foraging Day
Part 4: Last Stand

Where to meet:
Island Lake State Recreation Area – Spring Mill Pond Parking Lot.
Take I-96 to the Kensington Road Exit. Head South across Grand River. The park entrance will be on your left. You will need a Recreation Passport for entry. Otherwise you may purchase a day pass at the gate.
Once past the gate, turn right. Continue down the park road past the rail road bridge. The Spring Mill Pond parking lot will be the second (2nd) lot on your left. We are NOT meeting at the Trail Head Parking Lot.

What to bring:
Wear boots instead of shoes if possible. No sandals, high heels, or platform shoes allowed for your own safety. Wear appropriate layered clothing for the weather. Bring water and something to snack on. If possible, bring a digital copy of the course text book:
Part 4: Last Stand
-Prerequisites: You must have attended parts 1, 2, and 3 of the Lamboradi Survival Course to attend. A valid fishing license is required to attend.
-Objectives: Be the first team to produce 100 mL of purified water by scavenging materials in the field and/or using materials issued in your pack.
-Topics to be covered: None
-What we will do: Teams will be assigned a color – red, yellow, orange, or blue. All members of the team will be issued a corresponding color bracelet with a whistle. Each team will be issued a common kit containing the following items:
-Bail out bag
-Fixed blade knife
-2x locking carabiners
-Small section of tent pole shock cord
-Oven bag
-Mylar blanket
-White trash bag
-2x zip lock bags
-Complete Xpectre Missing Link Fishing Kit (Line in the kit does not count toward your cordage)
-Safety glasses
-Single sheet of tissue paper
-6 ft piece of completed jute cordage
-10x 7” sections of jute inner bark
-Button compass
-Hand hold for a fire bow
-Spindle for a fire bow
-Fire board for either a fire bow or hand drill
-Empty pop can

Your team can earn points by completing secondary objectives
Individual Secondary Objectives: Points are awarded for each team member that completes the following. If one person completes the same challenge multiple times, no additional points are awarded to your team for that challenge.
-Snag the target with a bola within 5 attempts = 5 pts/ person
- Pierce the target with the Dell Bow within 5 attempts (you must build your own arrows on site) = 10 pts/ person
-Capture and eat a grass hopper = 10 pts/ person
-Complete the universal edibility test on an edible plant [All 5 steps must be completed] = 20 pts/person
-Catch a fish = 20 pts/person
Team Sub Challenges: Like the individual sub-challenges, but points are awarded to the team as a whole.
-Determine which direction is north using two-sticks method shown in Back Country Basics = 20 pts/ team
-Construct lean-to shelter = 10pts/team
-Create a fire pit = 10pts/team
-Produce 3 feet of cordage from the jute strands in your kit = 10 points
When a team has accumulated 100 points, they will be issued a fire striker.
The link below is for the Excel version of the team score card. Feel free to download it and try it out to plan your team strategy in advance. The colors in the first column represent each team (Blue, Red, Orange, and Yellow). Enter 1 in the cell for any sub-challenge you intend to complete to see how that impacts your team's score. You'll likely notice that your team doesn't have to complete all of the challenges to be awarded a fire striker.

You can use your own articles of clothing for shelter, bow drill materials, or filtration. The issued bracelet and the Xpectre fishing gear can NOT be used toward your cordage secondary objective. The Xpectre fishing gear can NOT be used for fire starting.

Questions? Call Chris Fox at (248)[masked]