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Steiner Labs is an enterprising local start-up dedicated to providing education and innovative tools for practitioners to help their patients achieve vibrant optimal health.

Our mission in this group is to help both professionals and private individuals with an interest in health to expand their knowledge of micronutrition, gut health, and chronic illness management and support through nutrition. We also distribute an exclusive range of high-end supplements from the European company PhytoQuant, and provide training on the most successful ways of integrating these products into your practice to help take your patients’ well being to the next level.

We organise regular events for education and networking (lecture days, workshops, informal meet-ups, consultations) with renown experts and specialists, aimed at nutritionists, naturopathic practitioners, health coaches and other healthcare professionals. Patients and private individuals with an interest in nutrition and seeking to empower themselves on the path to their best health are also warmly welcome.

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