What we're about

Are you eager to take an idea, product, process, service or technology to market? Join our successful idea creators, developers and entrepreneurs to:

. make valuable contacts that you can consult with now and in the future,

. learn from the successes and failures of creators, developers, inventors and entrepreneurs,

· develop an idea, concept model or prototype in planning, development or ready for marketing,

. learn from, ask questions of and discuss meaningful topics with meeting presenters that you selected,

. discuss alternative solutions to creating, developing, marketing and business problems,

. gain perspective from discussion with positive people in an atmosphere where idea disclosure and inventor ship compromise are avoided,

. gain know how from interaction with peers, presenters, organizers, experts, marketers, suppliers and business people,

· increase personal pride in your Product, Process, Service or Design that will improve people's lives,

· seek the professional rewards of Demonstration, Patenting, Trademark and Certification of Ideas,

· seek the financial rewards of Licensing, Marketing or Operating a Business based on your idea,

. like being part of a race, gender, ethnic, age, religious, physical condition and other differences organization. (Check with ken@inventscape.com for necessity of special capabilities of venue)


· start with the speaker followed by group questions, answers and discussion,

. continue with self introduction name, expertise and reason for attendance,

. continue with networking between attendees, speaker and organizing team,

. end with telling of useful result of your participation.

Participants secret ideas are protected by:

· replacing secrets with generic descriptors, thereby not disclosing secret subject matter,

· describing your idea utilizing a generic descriptor format including: market served; product or process Etc.; ideas general purpose; type of technology utilized; phase of development; area of concern.

· following example: I have a medical; product; that solves a diagnostic problem; by applying electronics technology; that is in the first model development phase and; requires an idea protection method,

· Example: I have an automotive; maintenance process; that promotes safety; by applying mechanical technology; that is in the proof of concept phase and; and requires market sizing methods,

· Example: I have a legal information; services business; that uses computer platform technology; that is a mature business, and requires a choice of whether to offer a new Artificial Intelligence Tech. based service or reduce the price of existing services,

· Example, I have a revolutionary deck plant hanger design: that improves beauty and durability; by applying advanced materials technology, that is in the test marketing phase: requiring a decision whether to alter the design or withdraw the product,

Using this generic descriptor process, the whole Meetup can become interested, participate in or learn from the discussion. Using the six descriptors, you can find someone to help you and yet your secret subject matter remains confidential.

Participants are, also, kept in control of their invention by the organizing team only suggesting data and alternatives,

· Inventor ship is maintained by limiting the team contribution to: issue definition, assumption checking, solution alternative identification and solution alternative cost/benefit analysis,

· The choice between conclusion alternatives remains the prerogative of the participant.

See you at the next MIND to MARKET MEETUP meeting.

Group Organizer: Ken,

Organizing Team Members: Gerry, Ken, Norm, Sam and Steve


Stay Safe, Be Well and Happy!


Ken Bower

InventScape Founder



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