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What we’re about

Michigan Skeptics is a gathering place for critical thinkers, Humanists and skeptics to discuss, debate and to meet casually. We meet in Southeast Michigan monthly.
A Skeptic is a person that does not take claims at face value. They feel that for an idea to be embraced, it needs to have been verified and proven as much as possible, through the scientific method and evidence. We also work to further discussion on skepticism in general and promote critical thinking.
MISkeptics takes a firm stand against groups that have used the term "skeptic" to promote conspiracy theories and junk science. Some of these groups include anti-vaccination, climate change deniers, and other people who use the term for denialism.
We at MISkeptics welcome discussion and debate from all points of view that can be presented with proper evidence. We feel that greater knowledge is attained and shared in that manner.
Sum Ergo Cogito — I Am Therefore I Think.