Debating Masterclass Toastmasters (Area 44)

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Come and join us to learn how to prepare, structure and deliver your argument in a formal debate. A Toastmasters meeting with a difference. All are welcome.

Kindly hosted by Paul Imre

What is a good debate?

If a proper debate is to add value to a problem that needs a solution then there are minimum standards that we should expect:
• Relevant rational arguments
• Use of reliable evidence
• Being able to convince others of the truths
• An allowance for cross-examination


Debating is essentially a tool for decision making.
Once the arguments have been made and the truths have been tested then we should, on balance, be able to make a good decision.

What to Expect

Hone your communication skills and improve your leadership abilities:
• Work in teams rather than as Toastmaster individuals
• Learn to argue points you would not ordinarily agree with
• Think on your feet in order to refute the opposing arguments
• Being able to respond to your own arguments being attacked
• Enhance your active listening skills
• Learn how to focus and respond under pressure and within strict time limits

New Skills

• Constructing persuasive arguments
• Spotting *logical fallacies
• Getting to the heart of issues under discussion
• Winning the arguments while keeping the audience on your side

Enhancing Your Career

“I now submit my proposals after I have considered the downsides and alternatives”
- Lindsey Stout, Verizon Speakers