What we're about

We seek to Empower PEOPLE for early/often high-quality, collaborative, highest priority value delivery with minimal waste for any organization.

"don't wait until you are obsolete to re-invent yourself” Dan M Nov, 2018

WHY: Customer, Shareholder and Employee Delight, Growth/Survival of the Company, Contributing to Society in general.

All Depts/Functions/PEOPLE - HR, Marketing, Supply Chain, IT, Finance, Legal, Procurement, Quality, Production, Service, Operations, etc.

All approaches - Scrum, Extreme Programming[XP], Spotify Model, ScrumBan, Lean-Startup, Kanban, ++ Scaling approaches: Crystal, Lean Mgt, DSDM, DAD, DevOps, Hybrid PM, LESS, SoS, SAFe, Lean-6Sigma, Nexus, XSCALE, etc.

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Let's share on line and in-person to elevate our knowledge base [includes Values & Principles] improve practices and TRANSFORM our org MINDSET/CONSTRUCT, to achieve the REAL GOAL.

"any org is only as lean-agile as its least lean-agile person" Dan M, 28 Jan, 2019

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