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We seek to Empower PEOPLE for early/often high-quality, collaborative, highest priority value delivery with minimal waste for any organization.

"don't wait until you are obsolete to re-invent yourself” Dan M Nov, 2018

WHY: Customer, Shareholder and Employee Delight, Growth/Survival of the Company, Contributing to Society in general.

All Depts/Functions/PEOPLE - HR, Marketing, Supply Chain, IT, Finance, Legal, Procurement, Quality, Production, Service, Operations, etc.

All approaches - Scrum, Extreme Programming[XP], Spotify Model, ScrumBan, Lean-Startup, Kanban, ++ Scaling approaches: Crystal, Lean Mgt, DSDM, DAD, DevOps, Hybrid PM, LESS, SoS, SAFe, Lean-6Sigma, Nexus, XSCALE, etc.

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Let's share on line and in-person to elevate our knowledge base [includes Values & Principles] improve practices and TRANSFORM our org MINDSET/CONSTRUCT, to achieve the REAL GOAL.

"any org is only as lean-agile as its least lean-agile person" Dan M, 28 Jan, 2019

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New Date_ Is there such a thing as an "evil" scrum master ???

seriously, Is there such a thing as an Evil scrum master ?... what would that look like, and how can we fix it- If it seems to be happening, is it partly due to the culture of the company, or is it just random.... this should be fun and enlightening - plz be ready to share war stories on the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of SM's you have worked with - and of course, the real goal is to highlight all the good traits of SM's, and help each other move toward those together :] plz share this invite out to a friend or any other group you know in MKE Also, plz REM to RSVP "YES" sooner than later if coming so we can count up for FOOD. if your company is willing to help sponsor food or venue, please contact - Dan M in general, conversations can relate to all these and more: Crystal, DSDM, DAD, LeSS, SoS, SAFe, Nexus, XSCALE, etc. As a level-set, can we agree that Lean-Agile-DevOps is fundamentally about this: early/often value delivery, with aligned/collaborative focus [Bzn & IT together] on the most important first [limit WIP], with minimal waste and the right-quality [per DoD] _______________________________________________________ extra info below - ____________________________________________ and in case you want to check out some scaling agile-lean-DevOps courses in MKE, Chicago, and Bloomington Illinois, check here: http://omni3.eventbrite.com payment plans & discounts for members of this Meetup Group are avail [whether you attend in-person events or not] - Dan Miklusicak [masked] Coach/Instructor[masked] "don't wait until you are obsolete to re-invent yourself” Huge Thanks to Wendy Frausto, Dr Dennis Hill and The Exacta Corporation for Hosting us 16595 West Bluemound Road, Brookfield, Wisconsin, 53005

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