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We are men that share experiences and wisdom to support self-awareness, accountability, integrity, positive change and transformation. We form a community of peers who take risks to improve our lives and help others. All kinds of men are involved. Non-religious and non-profit.

Join a local community of men who look deeply within and take responsibility for our lives. The Mankind Project (MKP) is a world-wide, non-profit organization dedicated to helping men live meaningful and fuller lives. Support Circles are open to any man aged 18 and over.

A weekend training is offered in the Toronto area twice a year. This workshop takes men on a journey to: connect head and heart; examine their lives; and create deeper, more powerful, and more joyful ways of living. The training is relevant to our times, and empowers men to live with integrity and accountability.

This training is not for everyone. Men who are not ready to look deeply within and take responsibility for their lives may not want to attend.

Explore our web site. Come, visit an Open Circle near you and talk with men in the Project. Find out who we are. Then ask yourself: “Does this feel right for me?”

We have Open Circles in Barrie, Cambridge, Toronto, London and Waterloo.

Look for the day and times they meet and contact them to be included as a guest that evening. Or reach out to Rex Hagon-I-Group Coordinator (rexhagon@me.com)

Upcoming events (5+)

Catacomb Warriors I-Group (Toronto)

Metropolitan United Church

Please contact event host, Christopher, for the event location. Attendance requirement: Participants must have completed the New Warrior Training Adventure or be committed to attending an upcoming training. More information can be found at http://newwarriortraining.ca.

Guelph Mankind Project I-Group

MKP (Guelph) I-Group

The Longings That Bring Me To I-Group By Saeed Rouhani What is the longing that brings me here? To this space, this time? What brings me to this work, which is often challenging and brings up pain? I am here to stand as a breakwall for the waves of pain that have crashed upon generation after generation. To be among those called in each generation to make the choice to spare the coming generations by doing inner work, so that the children of tomorrow may live in greater security, harmony and trust. I am here to face my shadow, that part of myself that holds me back from fulfillment and evades my awareness. But without hating myself when I face my shadow. I am here to find another way than toxic shame. I am here to face fear and gradually release myself from its chains. To transform lead into gold. To go into my pain and dissolve it, like a warrior of light, with the help of the Great Spirit and my gathered brothers. I am not here to destroy and suppress but to observe and process. Freeing myself from blame. Stepping out of the trap of the victim. I am here to give support and receive support, in community. To challenge myself to step up and reclaim power, brilliance and aliveness. I am here to learn about respecting boundaries, my own and that of others. To thaw out the numbness in my soul and feel more. I am here because I believe that the work of inner transformation cannot be done alone. To mourn my losses and hurts without holding back the tears. To reclaim enthusiasm, laughter, and the capacity to connect with others. To make a stand for my birthright and become the man I am meant to be. One I-Group at a time. This may not be my ultimate path. But it is a place where I have found wholesome space among honourable men for exploring the longings of the life-affirming masculine. For walking the road less traveled. To deeper inner reconnection, growth and freedom. What are your longings that bring you to I-Group?

Grand Journey (Waterloo) (Initiated Men Only)

Detached finished garage at rear of property

The Grand Journey iGroup meets every week. Normally we alternate between weeks that are "open to guests" and weeks that are for "initiated men only" (have completed the New Warrior Training Adventure Weekend). Please plan to arrive before we start at 7pm. Park on street and proceed to the garage (not the house). Note: although the room is finished, there's no running water (other than a garden hose) so bring drinking water if you'd like (also no washroom). Description of iGroups (Integration Groups): Imagine a circle where each man outrageously supports each other in realizing each others dreams and aspirations. Imagine a circle where every one listens, not only to what you say, but also to what's behind or underneath that. Everyone is in tune with your voice, your emotion, your energy — everyone is intent on receiving everything you communicate. This is where everyone listens to hear the very best in you, even when you can't hear it in yourself. Imagine a circle which will remind hold you of your commitments so you can hold yourself accountable and keep you moving forward toward your dreams and goals. A circle of men who remind you of your commitments without judgment when you miss the mark. Imagine a circle of men who are truly curious about your dreams and aspirations, about what it is that makes you tick, what you value, what you are most passionate about in life — a circle of men who will help clarify your goals and provide tools for action and learning that lead you towards the life you want. Imagine a circle of men who will absolutely tell you the whole truth about where you are strong and where you sell yourself short — a circle that knows you can handle the challenges of life and knows that's what you want. Imagine an experience where you finally break free of those limiting beliefs that sabotage you and where those shadows are noticed for what they are. A circle where this powerful part of you is called forth and developed into a new set of empowering beliefs about yourself. Imagine a circle where you can experience and develop a new leader within you. A place that is safe to be who you really want to be. Imagine a circle where every man is given a chance to lead the circle to accomplish a shared vision. Imagine a circle which is continually growing by learning from each other and from other circles new ways to create a positive impact in the world. A circle that will take ways and traditions from all sources and create its own way, its own traditions — free to find its own truth and way of being in the world. Imagine a circle which is creating a positive impact in the world through its actions. If this calls to you, join thousands of men who gather weekly around the world. Are you ready?


Church of St Jude

Please note that this is a CLOSED I-Group. Contact Mike Lucas if you have any questions: [masked]

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