ML/AI Split #7: Oracle Digital Assistants- AI in practice, by Ivan Delić- Oracle

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Na FESB-u, bivši MIC. Ulaz iznutra III.kat ili izvana sa strane PMF-a.

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ML/AI Split #7: Oracle Digital Assistants – application of artificial intelligence to practice
by Ivan Delic, Solution Engineer, Oracle Hrvatska

In this lecture, Ivan will talk about using the artificial intelligence for "digital assistants" real-time communication with users.

Digital assistants are virtual personal assistants that users can interact with using natural language. Each digital assistant contains a collection of specialized skills. When a user engages with the digital assistant, the digital assistant evaluates the user input and routes the conversation to and from the appropriate skills.
Skills are individual chatbots that are designed to interact with users and fulfill specific types of tasks, such as ordering food, making reservations, and changing contact information. Each skill helps a user complete a task through a combination of text messages and simple UI elements

Oracle Digital Assistant is AI powered assistant that can be trained to support domain skills from multiple applications, such as HR, ERP, CRM or CX. Using AI, the digital assistant gets smarter as it begins to understand user preferences.

Oracle’s enterprise assistant is able to handle employee needs on popular chat apps like Slack, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat, as well from Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, and Microsoft’s Cortana and derives intent from words using a combination of natural language understanding and natural language processing (


18.00 - 18.30 gathering
18.30 - 19.15 Oracle Digital Assistants – application of artificial intelligence to practice by Ivan Delic, Solution Engineer, Oracle Hrvatska
19.15 - discussion & networking with pizza & beer

As usual meetup venue is PICS@FESB with juices, pizza & beer and pleasant atmosphere during and after meetup...

This is a free event hosted by ICT županija ( so pls RSVP now and bring your friends too.

Ivan is a software architect with strong technical and social skills working for Oracle. Ivan is passionate about user experience design, inspired by technology, playful in coding. Architecture is a masterpiece of art for him.

As a consultant in Oracle Corporation, Ivan focuses on cloud solutions, business analytics (analytics), and mobile technology.
He is a frequent lecturer at conferences in Croatia where speaks about "bleeding edge" Oracle solutions for business users.


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