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Massage Therapist Certification total of 14 CEU's
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2 Classes for the price of one
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MLD: Hollywood Med-Spa 7 CEU's
Practitioners enjoy learning the anatomy and physiology behind the mysteries of the lymph system to accelerate healthy lymphocyte production and flow while eradicating toxins that lead to inflammation, weight gain and cellulite. Promoted for both it’s healthy and beauty benefits, MLD has become among America’s most requested modalities by physicians who recommend it and are recommending they seek a MLD practitioner in “the spa.” The combination of relaxation with MLD strokes aids in accelerated healing and rejuvenation of tissues to support a natural approach to anti-aging. The full body spa style protocol taught in the course utilizes the gentle strokes taught by Dr. Vodder that is painless to both the practitioner and the client and learn how and why it pairs perfectly with other modalities in the spa and why Hollywood celebrities have spoken openly about utilizing the technique to get “red carpet” ready the natural way. You will also learn indications, contraindications, compression education, research & documentation for marketing written by doctors who promote and utilize MLD in practice. Photos shot on location at Florida med-spa facilities, compliments of MLD Institute Advisory Board physicians.
Boca Lymphlift of the Head, Neck & Face - 7 CEU's
Learn how to release the Fountain of youth within by tapping in to the body’s natural healing reservoir through the gentle strokes of MLD for the ultimate in anti-aging. Once developed and used for treating conditions such as sinusitis and other inflammatory disorders, MLD was discovered to hold beauty benefits as well covering everything from acne, rosacea to the latest discover in research, “alzheimer’s.” This course covers the history of MLD, indications, contraindications and ground breaking research that has put MLD on the A-list of modalities for pro-athletes we treat with the protocol to leading models. You will learn both the 15 minute add on service currently used in many of America’s top Spa’s and the full 50 minute protocol for alopecia, bell’s palsy, skin conditions and much more.

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