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4th #MLDD - Spotify Analysis

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Alexander B. and Stefan W.


Hey Guys,

we hope you started well into 2018 and that you’re hungry for interesting speakers and topics regarding Machine Learning and Data Science. We want to further grow this Meetup in 2018 by inviting great speakers and also by trying new formats with you.

For the 4th MLDD Meetup we invited Juan De Dios Santos Rivera to talk about: „Why does my girlfriend dislike my music? A Spotify analysis involving music, data, and machine learning.” His work deals with the data science behind your playlist and helps you to understand similarities and differences in music better.

Since the response from our last Meetup regarding the poster session was pretty good, we also plan to have posters again. So far we are talking to representatives of both, academia and industry but if you know somebody who would like to present a poster or have one yourself: Send an Email to until March, 10th!

We are really excited about this upcoming event and hope to see you all again for this exciting talk and deep discussions afterwards. Snacks and drinks on the house!


Stefan and Alex
Prager Str. 10 · Dresden
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