Tutorial - Deep Learning (8th session)

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Dear all,

For this meet-up, we will mostly continue the tutorial part on convolutional layers (http://ufldl.stanford.edu/tutorial/supervised/ConvolutionalNeuralNetwork/), and also plan to start looking at TensorFlow (now distributed (http://googleresearch.blogspot.be/2016/04/announcing-tensorflow-08-now-with.html)) for more practical implementations, in particular the PlantClef challenge (http://www.imageclef.org/lifeclef/2016/plant).

As a reminder, the meet-up is a hands-on session, whose purpose is to help each other in understanding deep learning algorithms and tools. Everyone should therefore have her/his own laptop. Also, do not hesitate to join even if you miss the previous sessions, we will help you go through the material!

Regarding TensorFlow, a useful learning resource is now available on UDacity (https://www.udacity.com/course/viewer#!/c-ud730/l[masked]/e[masked]/m[masked]). In addition, note that there will soon be a teaching session at DI-Hub led by Datatronic (http://di-academy.com/event/coached-mooc-tensorflow/).

Hope to see you tomorrow!