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This Meetup Group is designed to teach the 'CORE' foundational elements of building a successful home-based business. We encourage anyone who is currently in any network marketing company along with those who may just be curious about how it works - to join us!


As the economy continues to decline, the rise of home-based businesses are increasing at an astounding rate.. however, we have noticed there are few resources and sound training available to those who wish to participate in this industry.

Professional Network Marketers with actual 'industry-experience'.

We do not teach from theory... but from years of hands on mentorship. We have experience in building locally, nationally as well as building into international markets. We hope to reach out to those who are struggling in this industry and are hungry to find out how to 'really' make it work for matter which company you are already involved with.

What We Will Be Discussing...

We welcome any topics during our meetup and encourage participants to send us topic requests prior to our meeting so that we can address any areas of difficulty you might be having with YOUR specific company and or business.

Areas of discussion include:

1. What really IS network marketing and why is it so powerful.

2. How to create a 'recruiting pipeline' which can be effectively taught.

3. How to create duplication in your teams.

4. How to sponsor and build into long distance markets.

5. How to effectively have a good home meeting...

These and many more topics will be discussed in the hopes that you can take an idea away and help you build your teams... and to have all the success you wish to have...

***PLEASE NOTE*** This is a 'SAFE-ENVIRONMENT'! We have established a 'NO-RECRUITING ZONE' so that everyone can be welcome...and not worry about cross-recruiting situations.

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