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Hierarchy of Health - Your Best Option To Fight Disease
• What we'll do There is a Hierarchy of Health that governs your wellbeing. Inflammation, Cancer, Alzheimer's, Chronic Fatigue, Heart Disease all result from Free Radical Damage and low Bioelectricity. Learn how to build and/or restore your health. Great health starts at the cellular level. It can be accurately measured and until recently it was difficult or impossible to improve in a meaningful way. The Hierarchy of Health is a guideline for maximizing your cellular health. Your life and well-being may be compromised without this knowledge. With the right guidance you can become healthier. Low cellular energy invites disease. Bioelectricity testing comparable with U.S.Military, National Institutes of Health, FDA and major cancer research facilities. Have seen exciting results with individuals having cancer, chronic fatigue, depression, stiffness/arthritis. The Hierarchy of Health protocol should improve everyone's health as measured by RJL Systems Body Composition Analysis. Dr. Ron Inda • What to bring Questions. And a desire for learning. The Hierarchy of Health protocol is an in-home self help program. • Important to know The Hierarchy of Health protocol is a naturopathic approach for raising cellular energy/health. You may be getting older but you don't have to look and feel old or feel run down. Your body is a powerplant. Health is the ability to produce energy. Energy destroys disease.

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