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Malta Microsoft Data Platform User Group #3 March 2017

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Hosted By
Sławomir D. and Glen F.


Meeting agenda:
18:30 - 19:30 Session 1 - "Biml for Beginners: Speed up Your SSIS Development" by a special guest Cathrine Wilhelmsen (Microsoft Data Platform MVP)
19.30 - 19.45 Networking
19-45 - 20.00 Gossip Geek - "... your one and only source into the fabulous lives of Geek's elite..."
20.00 - 21.00 Session 2 - "Columnstore Index - do we need another one?!" by Slawomir Drzymala

Sessions description
Session 1 - "Biml for Beginners: Speed up Your SSIS Development"
Are you tired of creating and updating the same SSIS packages again and again? Is your wrist hurting from all that clicking, dragging, dropping, connecting and aligning? Do you want to take the next step and really speed up your SSIS development?
Say goodbye to repetitive work and hello to Biml, the markup language for Business Intelligence projects.
In this session we will look at the basics of Biml. First learn how to use Biml to generate SSIS packages from database metadata. Then see how you can reuse code to implement changes in multiple SSIS packages and projects with just a few clicks. Finally, we will create an example project that you can download and start with to speed up your SSIS development from day one.
Stop wasting your valuable time on doing the same things over and over and over again, and see how you can complete in a day what once took more than a week!

Session 2 - "Columnstore Index - do we need another one?!"
SQL Server is offering many different indexes. One of the most recent and most updated in the last editions is Columnstore Index. During the session we will talk how does the columnstore index works, how does it changed over each edition of SQL Server and finally we will try to answer the question if we do need another index in our solution and when to use the columnstore one.

Speakers bio
Cathrine Wilhelmsen
Cathrine loves teaching and sharing knowledge, and currently works as a Community Evangelist for PASS, a global community that enables Microsoft Data Platform professionals to connect, share and learn. Her main experience has been working as a consultant, technical architect and developer, focusing on Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence projects. Her core skills are ETL, SSIS, Biml and T-SQL development, but she enjoys everything from programming to data visualization. Outside of work she's a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, BimlHero Certified Expert, speaker, blogger, organizer and chronic volunteer.
Slawomir Drzymala
Data Warehouse Developer and a big enthusiast of the Microsoft technologies, which is still playing with data, the .NET technologies and Microsoft's data products. Big fan of the data mining/data science, but also of the self-service BI. Speaker at many different events including the biggest Microsoft SQL Server conference in Poland. Organizer of the meetings, conferences and hackathon dedicated to the Microsoft Data Platform.


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Level 5, Skyparks Business Centre · Luqa
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