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This meetup group for individuals who are interested in learning to design, develop, create Massively Multi-Player Online Games and experiences- these range from RPGs to FPS to other more creative expressions - be part of something new, innovative, and wonderful - as well as acquiring the techniques, skills, software, and knowledge required to produce all kinds of MMO expereinces and games.

Note: We are listed as a private group as we wish to ensure the safety of all our members, we are indeed open to the public and anyone who wants to join us, we just wish to protect our members - this is base upon previous incidents with odd people trying to join and then causing problems.

THIS GROUP IS for serious individuals ONLY. If you are a compulsive joiner who never attends even one meeting - face it if you belong to 50 or more groups, you cannot seriously commit to a group once you go beyond that number of days in a month so you are considered as non-serious and probably someone who never show up to even one meeting. There are plenty of other good groups in Montreal that do not mind people who never attend anything just to inflate their numbers of members - we are not one of them. We want to instruct and teach and create.

THIS GROUP IS NOT for already established game industry professional or game startup companies seeking to recruit or use our resources for their own purposes. We want newbies, novices, and those who do not already have connections that can further them along this career path.

THIS GROUP IS for anyone who would like to learn to design, create, develop, produce, and finally reap the rewards of the vast world of online MMO-style games and online MMO experiences. We will teach the inexperienced - game design, software development, programming languages,other software packages and the associated techniques and skills as a new (possibly backup or secondary) career OR a new path in life OR to embark on something they are serious about and would like to apportion some of their free time in obtaining knowledge. For these individuals we provide free training and workshops.

Bear in mind, once you join you will NOT see all the meetings we hold as these sessions must be signed up for and are posted elsewhere. We find this method much more productive since MANY members have complained when we have meetings appearing every day and evening - which we do for all the things we offer our members.

We hope to meet you.

By the way we have made the group private for no other reason than a sizable percentage of our members in other groups have asked for this extra level of privacy so now we include it in all our groups. We hope you agree with them. If not please let us know.

-----------ABOUT YOUR PRIMARY HOSTS-----------

I am Tammy and I am supported by my life partners in making this group a reality - we do hope that you will at least come by (this means in person) and find out more.

Please feel to Join me on my facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/tamzin.cadwallader/ ) or to join one of my various facebook groups for games.

Should you ever have any questions regarding anything we do or offer, we encourage you to message me directly, I will respond as soon as possible.

About your Organizers - Tamzin Cadwallader (academic degrees I hold - BSc, BEng, MEng) - I have worked professionally in a number of IT environments as a an external consultant and long term freelancer. I am fully capable of any sort of software project placed in my capable hands and hope to bring that experience to this new group of mine and use my expertise to benefit this group's purpose and make our team the best it can be.

Note: Any instructors or other professionals that we provide to help out our members have no less than 5 years minimum work experience in the industry.


Important 1 : Make certain you do show up if you have said you would attend a specific meeting/event by way of an RSVP of "yes" OR if you are suddenly unable to be there make certain to change your RSVP before 3PM the day of the meeting/event - we apply a three strikes and you are out policy. It is unfair to the organizers to show up expecting you when you say you will be there (by way of an RSVP of "yes" AND then you do not even show up) - so three "no shows" and you are banned and reported to meetup.com for this behavior so as to alert other organizers to your conduct.

Important 2 : Do not ask for us to supply the following items by way of email, text messaging, telephone, or skype - you must attend in person to find out about the group:

i. A list of things we do for members of the group.

ii. A list of things we do (the organizers and sponsors) outside of the boundaries of the group.

iii. Who our contacts and sponsors are.

iv. Our personal information, other than the bios above, (hosts, organizers, sponsors), unrelated to the meetup group's topics (such things as personal information unrelated or irrelevant to the meetup group's purposes) by email or text to anyone we have not met in person at least once - note - you must attend at least once as a physical person. Question? would you provide your pertinent personal information to anyone who contacts you by the Internet without you knowing them as being real people?? We thought not.

Important 3: The exact location of where we meet is included in the email announcing a specific meeting as well can be accessed by looking in the top right panel on the meetup.com page for a particular event. DO NOT arrive at the location and then expect us to message you the location - we do not check email or meetup messaging after we leave from the office or home. ALSO DO NOT arrive at our meeting location and bother security or the concierge/administration about where to find us. THEY DO NOT KNOW!

Important 4: Please do not show up stoned or drunk - experiencing people in these states, three times in the past was enough for the organizers in another group they run.

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