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This group is for those who which to bring Empowerment and Joy into their lives by utilizing sacred and ancient teachings that have been proven to work for over 3000 years in the unbroken Mystery School tradition that goes directly back to King Solomon the Wise! We hold meditation circles, teach Astral Travel, Sacred Geometry, Spiritual Intuition and Empower Thyself- which is an initiation into the Universal Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light, overseen by the Hierarchy of Light. We are dedicated to you bolstering your own connection to Source and God which is your birthright! Weekly Community Guided Meditation every Tuesday night from 7:30-8:30. If you don't see many people signed up it is still on. We promote on facebook and in person so it may show 2 people coming when there may be 12 people :)

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Sacred Geometry Level 1- Set Temple Space

Transformational Healing Center

Learn about the 3 main Sacred Geometric Shapes and how to use them to seal and grid a room with light- increasing the vibration of you living and work spaces $100 energy exchange

Astral Travel (PREREQ IS SACRED GEO 1)

Transformational Healing Center

Learn the technique to travel SAFELY anywhere in the known universe to gain knowledge of yourself and expand your consciousness. $100 Energy Exchange- prereq is Sacred Geometry 1 earlier that day

12 Races of Earth

Transformational Healing Center

We share the planet with other beings that are not human. Learn about these other 11 races which include: Fairies, Elves, Mer, and so on. $220 energy exchange- prerequisite for Healer's Academy

Experience the Universal Kabbalah *SF Location*

The Universal Kabbalah is for everyone- regardless of Race, Religion or belief system as it is a map of our DNA, our blueprint which carries knowledge of our Divinity- our birthright. We will explore the basics of the tree of life and we will do a middle pillar exercise so you can experience the energies- I will be talking about an upcoming ascension program I am hosting in September as well. $10 Venmo Erin-Wallace-8 or pay at the door or PayPal friends and family [masked]

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