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WHAT WE DO | Stay Savvy With Smart Business Practices For Marijuana Business Owners | How To Profit From Your Cannabis Business In The Newly Regulated Market

Mj MeetUp presents forum topics about the law and politics of legalized marijuana. We will keep pace with the everchanging state regulations, Federal legalization of Hemp, Hemp-derived CBD products, the impact on interstate commerce, and multi-state growth opportunities in the legalized cannabis industry – who’s profiting from it and who’s not.

This is the perfect forum for cannabis business owners (all supply chain stakeholders,) ancillary business owners, investors, cannabis consultants, cannabis CPAs, marijuana attorneys, and the like, for insightful perspectives on best practices for your own business as well as what's trending in the California marijuana industry and nationwide with multi-state expansion – what works, what doesn’t, and why.

The topics will range from the spectrum of state cannabis regulations that concern business owners, cannabis taxation, the rise in cannabis lawsuits (who’d suing who and why on how to avoid getting sued,) to the science of marijuana as an alternative medicine and the ever-popular recreational use. These comprehensive forum topics will impact your existing business practices and the direction you are taking your company.

As the organizer, we also welcome members to contribute their own topics to address critical issues of importance unique to group members. This will benefit all members and enhance group knowledge of the important issues in cannabis on the local level as well as best business practices within the community in which you live.

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Eskaton Law | Robyn Ranke | Cannabis Business Consultant
The Business Of Hemp

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