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MN Healthcare IT is dedicated to advancing innovation in the delivery of healthcare through the use of information technology. We will have regularly scheduled meetups where interested stakeholders can share and discuss innovative ideas at the intersection of healthcare and technology. Professionals working in the healthcare and IT industries are invited to our events discuss and learn about the latest healthcare technologies.

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DISSECTION: How to make the move from an IT professional to a HIT professional

This Is An Open Discussion The HIT industry is still growing. So too is the need to find qualified professionals to close the employment gap created by this growth. The Skills and knowledge needed to bridge this gap can be gained with training and experience, but the talent is the fulcrum to leverage them. Specifically and realistically, “What does an IT professional need to do to become qualified for a position in the HIT industry?” A few possible questions to answer; what are hiring managers looking for, what skills and knowledge would fit best considering the speed of change and what would be minimal, should recruiters be used to find the employees needed or professionals within the HIT industry, can industry associations be a vital source? There are many questions that could be discussed in this topic. It is a topic that is germane to the industry as a whole and should be discussed in an effort to facilitate a clear path IT professional should take to highlight the talents that make them the proper fit to fill the employment gap.

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