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What we’re about

Welcome to Minnesota Naturists.

Does clothing get in the way of your tan line? Interested in like-minded people? Welcome to Minnesota Naturists - Activities in the Buff! We are a non-landed club that hosts bowling, volleyball tournaments, swimming, camping, and other events throughout the year. We partner with our friends at landed Minnesota clubs like Oakwood and Avatan.

The Minnesota Naturists club is non-sexual.

Please do not post frontal nude or suggestive pictures on this site.

This is not a dating web site.

There is ZERO TOLERANCE of any inappropriate comments, suggestive dialogue or harassment of any other members.

By joining, you confirm you are at least 18 years old.

Any violation will result in immediate removal from this Meetup Group, and termination of membership in MN Naturists.

Join us for a clothed informal discussion for about an hour with Minnesota Naturists members at a Twin Cities community room to learn about social nudity opportunities in Minnesota at one of our upcoming Informational Meetings. *Note: Informational Meetings are typically scheduled on week day evenings at 7:00pm, and on a Saturday/Sunday in the afternoon.

While there is no cost of joining us on the Meetup page, dues to join Minnesota Naturists are $20 a year for individuals and $5 for each additional adult in the household. Everyone will undergo a review of public records.

The Minnesota Naturists club is non-sexual and an official club of AANR (American Association of Nude Recreation).

People interested in naturism may join this Meetup at no cost with the expectation that you will, within 60 days, attend an Informational Meeting or join Minnesota Naturists.  Meetup members who have not done one of the above are subject to removal from this Meetup.

Reasoning behind the policy:
1) Some events that are posted on this website are only open for attendance by active members of Minnesota Naturists (or other official Naturists clubs such as Oakwood Club, Avatan).

2) Organizers of this Meetup would like to meet with prospective Minnesota Naturists members prior to attendee's first event.

For Minnesota Naturists membership information or further information about the club, check out:

(Updated June 6, 2017)