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Cohousing Meetup educates about self-determined, self-managed ownership-based housing that is designed for interaction and interdependence among residents. Being ownership-based, this housing increases the wealth-building opportunities for its residents rather than enriching a set of already-wealthy investors who may or may not be reinvesting in the local community or sharing that wealth in other ways.

Most cohousing is multi-generational; however, a growing number of developments are for seniors only.

For more information about cohousing, see the Twin Cities Cohousing Network's website at tccoho.org or that of the national nonprofit cohousing.org.

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Is Affordable Cohousing Possible? TCCN Event on Zoom

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Affordable Cohousing: Challenges and Opportunities.
A national cohousing conference in October 2021 centered on affordability, drawing on examples from communities recently built. We heard from Developers and Architects and Community Organizers- Even Habitat for Humanity! In February, three local cohousing advocates will report on some of the highlights, and then attendees will have a chance to join the discussion.
Go to https://www.tccoho.org/?page_id=491 To sign up for the Zoom.

People with land propose some intentional community ideas

There are a number of people who have come forward from time to time, saying they have land and would like others to join them in an intentional community venture. If you are one of these people, please contact the organizer and we'll try to find a time that works for all so each person can display photos and talk about their proposal.

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