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The main purpose of this group is to share traditional “back to the land” skills and develop a greater connection to and appreciation for our Earth, while having fun and making connections with others in the general eastern MN and western WI area.

In addition to "skills", this site is also a format for posting earth connecting events....like solstice celebrations, raptor center bird releases, earth day happenings, and farm/earth based festivals and gatherings.

Please post any classes, workshops, or gatherings, that you would like to offer or know about that fit this group's theme. there is really a shortage of people willing to teach. so if you have something to offer, please consider sharing.

“Back to the land” skills are referred to by various names, such as Folk-Green-Traditional-Nature-Wilderness-Earth-Primitive-Survival-Native-Homesteading Skills. If you are interested in being more connected to nature, sustainability, self sufficiency, and have ever wanted to learn about: edible wild plants, tanning hides, wool spinning/felting, flintknapping, mushrooms, making fire without matches, maple syruping, cheese making, basket making, bee keeping, hunting/fishing, gardening + seed saving, canning+food preservation, homemade soap, raising animals, natural building, knitting/sewing, wood working, herbal medicine, etc and too many others to list. then please join and lead or attend a class/workshop.

This group is intended to have an emphasis on honoring and connecting to Earth (the plants, animals, water, air, and soil) by raising awareness of our relationship with nature, and how the Earth provides so abundantly for us, nourishing our body, mind, and spirit.

In addition to learning skills, may we have gratitude and honor for all the earth gifts that provide life.

If you RSVP for a class, but later decide not to attend, please un-RSVP as that is considerate and helpful for whoever is leading the class.

*Any children present at a Meetup event must be supervised by a parent or guardian.

Upcoming events (2)

Wild Edible Trees



About This Event
From spruce tips to maple syrup and wild plums to basswood leaves, trees offer an incredible source of food for urban foragers! Join Maria Wesserle of Four Season Foraging to learn tips on identifying these tasty trees, even during the cold months when leaves are absent. We will also discuss harvesting and preparation methods. Please note that this class won’t actually include harvesting, but there will be a variety of tree species to look at and learn from.

The exact location for this event will be sent to you in an email. It will be in the city of Minneapolis.

Accessibility: This event will be held on a mix of even and hilly ground with short grass, as well as on sidewalk. Total distance traveled will be around a half mile.

Sliding scale $20 - $40.

For more details, please email [masked] or call[masked].

Space is limited to better encourage participatory learning. Please register by Friday, April 14th at 2pm.

Ready, Set, Forage! (Virtual)

Link visible for attendees


About This Event
The spring foraging season is almost here in Minnesota! Join this introductory online course by Maria Wesserle of Four Season Foraging to get prepared and feel more confident in your foraging practice. We will discuss general foraging guidelines, helpful tools and resources, and of course talk about wild edibles! Maria will cover some common and easy-to-identify plants and mushrooms of spring and summer, and there will be a question and answer session at the end. Some of the information presented will be specific to Minnesota, but most will be applicable across much of the US and Canada.

This live virtual class will be taught over Zoom and requires a strong internet connection and access to a device with audio and video capabilities. Downloading Zoom is strongly recommended, though there is an option to join from your browser.

This class will be recorded and sent to students afterwards, along with a link to the slide deck. Students must consent to being recorded to take part in the class live.

Sliding scale $10 - $20.

For more details, please email [masked] or call[masked].

Space is limited to better encourage participatory learning. Please register by Monday, April 24th at 6:30pm.


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Evergreen Foraging