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The Minnesota Soaring Club is based and flies out of the historic Stanton Airfield located off of highway 19 between Cannon Falls and Northfield, Minnesota. We primarily conduct flight operations on weekends between the months of April and October when weather permits.

Join over 100 members of all ages and experience the thrill of soaring flight. Nothing can match the grace and tranquility of silently and effortlessly slipping through the air.

Through the ages man has been inspired by the effortless beauty and grace of soaring birds climbing high into the sky with outstretched wings. Now through the miracle of modern technology and engineering we can join these beautiful creatures of the sky.

Made with glass and carbon fiber, modern sailplanes can now match and even exceed the capabilities of soaring birds. Frequently we find ourselves flying with them in formation, willing partners sharing the currents of rising air.

Flying from Stanton airfield, a beautiful and friendly airport dedicated to sport aviation, Minnesota Soaring Club pilots frequently fly gliders hundreds of miles and climb thousands of feet above the ground in thermals triggered by the rich fields of Minnesota.

Members have access to a fleet of three modern sailplanes (http://mnsoaringclub.com/msc/msc_equipment_1.htm) (link) and a tow plane. Five FAA qualified club instructors are ready to satisfy any training need. There is no charge for flight instruction. A student can fly solo at the age of 14yrs. Find out more about the MSC Training Process (http://mnsoaringclub.com/msc/MSC_flight_training.htm).

Members relax, socialize and hold ground training in the MSC clubhouse. The clubhouse is equipped with computer, internet access, personal lockers, refreshments and barbecue grills.

MSC conducts flight operations primarily on weekends usually from mid April to the end of October when weather and field conditions permit. Throughout the soaring season, members will often organize weekday operations in addition to weekend events.

If you are interested in learning more about this exhilarating sport please contact us or feel free to come down to Stanton Airfield (http://www.stantonairfield.com/) and experience first hand the thrill of silent flight.

Upcoming events (5+)

Glider Flight Review---Ground, at the MSC Clubhouse (New Date)

For glider pilots needing a (Biennial) Flight Review in 2019, please attend one of the two ground flight reviews led by Stephen Nesser. At the end of the ground flight review your log book will be endorsed for the ground portion. Then contact a club flight instructor anytime during the soaring season and schedule the airborne portion of your flight review. The flight instructor who conducts the flight will complete your logbook endorsement. This ground flight review will be valid during the entire soaring season. The flight review will be completed in less than two hours. Please bring your pilot’s license, driver’s license, logbook, and your completed Bob Wander’s preflight checklist to the flight review.

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