2nd MODX Bug Hunt - Bournemouth Edition


The second MODX Bug Hunt will take place in Munich, Germany, but you can also join us in Bournemouth!

First join us at the Meetup on Thursday (https://www.meetup.com/MODX-Meetup-London/events/239335656/), and then hop on over to the Adido offices on Friday to help improve MODX during the Bournemouth edition of the 2nd MODX Bug Hunt!

What is the MODX Bug Hunt?

The MODX Bug hunt is an event where people from all over the world get together, in-person and virtually, to help improve MODX. In a 12-hour window, you are challenged to help MODX with a chance to win a variety of amazing prizes.

The most active bug hunter is awarded an amazing collection of prizes: €500/£440 cash + a Commerce license (€299/£263 value) + $50/€44/£40 StickerMule credit, for a total value of €843/£743!

See all the prizes you can win here >> (https://www.modxbughunt.com/prizes)

But I'm not a developer!

This is not just for developers, but anyone that uses MODX can help!

You can help triaging bug reports (are they accurate and detailed? Can issues be reproduced in the latest version of MODX or have they already been fixed?) or work on designs/mock-ups on how requested features could be implemented.

Open source projects are only as good as the community, and we need non-developers to be involved as well.

How do I test issues or contributions?

Glad you asked! There's a Contributors Guide written up specifically for the Bug Hunt. Learn all about it here >> (https://github.com/Sterc/modxbughunt/blob/master/contributors-guide.md)

What happens after 3:30pm?

The meeting room is booked for the bug hunt until 3:30pm. The bug hunt continues until 8pm UK time, so you can continue hunting for a couple more hours, but may need to find another seat.

I'm a developer but new to contributing to MODX. How do I start?

See the Contributors Guide (https://github.com/Sterc/modxbughunt/blob/master/contributors-guide.md) for a quick-start. There will also be other people around with more experience contributing to MODX that would be more than happy to help!

For more information about the Bug Hunt, see the official site: https://www.modxbughunt.com/