What we're about

We are a community that likes to keep the spiritual work light and down to earth.
The idea is to have a space which allows people to flow with their true nature.
For now we meet online, but will look forward to some outdoor groups again in the future.
We bring a mixture of different cultural traditions because we believe that in the age of Aquarius, Spirituality should not be confined to rules. We must do whatever feels right for us individually, and what makes us smile! 
We host groups which are designed to flow with current astrological influences to compliment planetary moods. We offer a space to explore your personal Astrology Chart too. Activities will quite often involve intuitive sound, so please feel free to bring instruments. Also witchy magic making and meditation.
We hold groups because we like people, people are nice! Bullying will not be tolerated.

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Psychic Protection and Spiritual Hygiene Online Workshop

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Welcome souls,

This week we will be looking at ways to protect and clean our energy field. Psychic self-defense is a way of protecting oneself from energetic overload, psychic attack, or other negative frequencies. In this event we will discuss how to recognise when you might be vulnerable, and different techniques used to protect yourself. These tools can also be used to cleanse and purify the aura. Tending to our aura is essential when we work or live with other people.

What is a psychic attack? Generally speaking, a psychic attack is when negative influences, thoughts or emotions are directed at you from other people. Emotions such as fear, anger, hatred, jealousy and I’ll-wishing are most common. I would say 99.9% of people do this and most of the time it happens subconsciously or unconsciously. It is important not to feed it by getting in the blame trap, but to recognise the symptoms and take care of yourself accordingly. Highly sensitive people or empaths can be particularly affected by these type of attacks.

Jaclyn and Sara will be hosting this event bringing useful visualisation exercises, affirmations and prayers to create a shield of positive energy to repel negative energies.

Some people find it helpful to use crystals, herbs, or essential oils for psychic self-defense. We will be sharing examples of these too, as well as amulets - protective symbols such as crosses or pentagrams.

Please bring a pencil, paper, and an open heart to this event. Recordings can be purchased for £5 after, please get in touch if you wish to receive this magic.

Moonpsycles is an open community. We believe the space and it’s medicine should be available to all. Therefore our events are donation* based. Please be kind and conscious, an energy exchange keeps your karma in good stead!

*We recommend a £5-20 donation to support the organisers costs. Payment details will be shared on the call.

Blessed be!

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The Future is NOW!!! Grounding and presence workshop

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