What we're about

We host groups to celebratrate every Full and New Moon.

The idea is to have a community that flows with the magical rhythms of nature.

We provide a indoor space to connect with the Energies of Mother Earth and Great Spirit, filled with love, laughter and a variety of ancient teachings/practice.

We bring a mixture of different cultural traditions because we believe Spirituality should not be rigid, do whatever feels right, and makes you smile! We do not claim to be masters in any of the exercises we incorporate, we are only the masters of ourselves.

Each session is designed to flow with current astrological influences to compliment planetary moods.

This community is open to everyone, any age, faith, gender, species, dimension!


Past events (72)

Full Moon Truth Circle

Rosina Street

New Moon in Pisces

Paradise Plantbased

Understand and Activate the Throat Chakra

Online Webinar

Understand and Activate the Heart Chakra

Online Webinar

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