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We allow Coaches / Trainers / Change Makers / Future leaders the space and resources to create inspiring, informative and thought provoking experiences.

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Many people come to Shanghai to achieve higher success in their lives. And that's where the magic of Motivate Shanghai comes in. By having motivated like minded people coming together we can all help each other.

Some benefits to members:

- Make new friends. Help kick start your career. Especially if you are a free lancer or self employed.

- Looking for work? Numerous industry recruiters connected to the group.

- Strategies for adapting to life in Shanghai. (or perhaps your returning to Shanghai).

- We have at least 3 members certified in the areas of Life, Executive, Productivity, Health Coaching.

- A range of meetups for developing Positive Psychology.

- Learn and practice methods of Advanced Communications and healthier relationships.

- Mastermind groups, goal setting, personal development.

- Regular CashFlow 101, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Coaching Workshops.

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What can Coaching/NLP/Consulting do for you?

Over the phone or wechat voice

Early 2014 there was pretty much nothing on Meetup about coaching. Now your probably hearing about it. Sorry for that. You see this coaching thing is popular. It can be really cool. And it's something that may be right for you. And it may not be right for you too. Every Coach is different. Qualifications may vary, but is it worth checking out? Many people say it is. But maybe it's not right for you. One way to find out for sure. BOOK HERE: www.calendly.com/adriancahill/share-sessions Note, openings are limited we now do these over the phone or Wechat voice. It offers more flexibility and ease to participate. Who is the lead facilitator: Adrian is a Human Behavior and Relationships Specialist. He is very passionate about helping people gain a sense of well being, confidence, connection, significance and the space to grow in their own unique way. Often using, but not limited to the core skills of Life Coaching, Executive Coaching and NLP. http://www.linkedin.com/in/adriancahill https://adriancahill.com/what-happens-in-a-coaching-session/ BOOK HERE: www.calendly.com/adriancahill/share-sessions Sponsored by www.adriancahill.com

Emotional Detox. RSVP's a must

Needs a location

This session: Expect 30-60 minute 1 on 1 session to address any of the following: 1. Reduce emotional baggage 2. Clarify purpose 3. Clear a phobia 4. Learn about Coaching or NLP. Sessions are 1 on 1 and we have a couple of Coaches/NLP Practitioners associated with us so RSVP in advance is a must. Cost: Free if you RSVP at least 24hours in advance. This is strickly for new clients that haven't worked with us before. Who's hosting: Who is the lead facilitator: Adrian is a Human Behaviour and Relationships Specialist. He often uses a Coaching and Training skills to help individuals and groups achieve their objectives. Adrian has been studying Emotional Intelligence since 2006, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) since 2010, and Coaching under the ICF (International Coaching Federation) since 2013. Adrian has also spoken at two TEDx events and currently resides between Australia and Shanghai. http://www.linkedin.com/in/adriancahill https://adriancahill.com/what-happens-in-a-coaching-session/ Assisting Practitioners/Coaches may include: Margarita L, Aaron W and Colin T Sponsored by www.adriancahill.com

Virtual Business Coaching/Training Sessions

Needs a location


Due to popular request, we have just started to offer this VIRTUAL TRAINING/COACHING event. This is strictly for 2 groups of people. Priority: Business owners, founders, Secondary: Those wanting to develop coaching skills to help business owners, founders or entrepreneurs. I recognise our TME (Time Money Energy) is limited, we want more results, more success but we have to be careful where we invest our TME. If we don't put TME into the right things or in the right proportions it can lead to more and more failures. Managing our TME obviously helps, doing it consistently, making small improvements daily is the key. We are here to ensure you do just this. Helping to lead you to BIG breakthroughs, establishing new habits (and sticking to them), designing and achieving the life you want! This is an option to get Coaching/Training as you want it, at a fraction of the cost, in a safe environment, accessible every Monday night. Learn something valuable that you can implement to get more success. Insights in EVERY SESSION. Attend from the comfort of where ever you choose to sit as long as you have data. If transiting home, go on Mute and interact when you can. Every Monday at 7pm over Zoom. After a 45minute group training session, we stop for a couple of minutes then we have a focused one to one with someone in the group to discuss/coach how to implement the new insight/strategy/tactics. Buy a trial session and have a look for just $30USD Buy a pack of sessions and step up for more success. ----Read more----- Thank you for showing interest. I really value your time. Most of my private clients are business owners because that is who I enjoy serving and I believe business owners change the world. Business owners in my eyes have the courage to step up and tackle big challenges. Some of my previous clients are employed with titles like CFO, GM, Lead.... and they tackle challenges too. It's just business owners really do shape the landscape of the world. Governments, hospitals are important, and they are essentially businesses too. I Adrian Cahill am an entrepreneur and lover of freedom at heart. I made my first jobs/businesses pre-teens. As a young adult, I joined the Army while starting my own collection of investments. Mid 20's I was financially free with residential property and share portfolio. I didn't come from a rich or high eq background. I didn't have millionaire mentors. Never went to University, except for the occasional concert. But life isn't always pretty. I went through a divorce. Lost over half of everything. I had addictions and some deep psychological issues (wounds perhaps). Years later when I thought I was through it, there were more troubles and bigger than ever but Coaching and deep work saved me. Going deep rather than shallow made the difference. I've seen an array of psychological services throughout and after my military time. Nothing has been more effective than going deep with trained, accredited experienced coaches. Hence I became one and I truly enjoy serving powerfully. Now my clients range from start-ups, multiple business owners, to multi-millionaires. I'm able to see the differences and help each step up to their next level. It's exciting. It blows my mind how cool it is. Ok, enough about me. Come join. We go live at 7pm CN/HK, 9pm AEST. A Zoom link and password will be provided prior to the start time. Smart Phone or CPU required. Expect 2-4 people. No detailed boring slides. No repeats. Every session NEW. To Attend: Pay with the link below. Reach out to Adrian or Estrelita Wechat: Adriannqld or Estrelita_motivateme 1 Session, $30USD, use within 4 weeks from date of purchase. https://www.paypal.me/adriancahill/30usd 4 Sessions, $100USD, use within 10 weeks from date of purchase. https://www.paypal.me/adriancahill/100usd 10 Sessions, $200USD, use within 26 weeks from date of purchase. https://www.paypal.me/adriancahill/200usd


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With our super busy lives where we are trying to achieve so many goals, it’s important to understand where we are wasting time and how we can find more time for things that matter to us. In this workshop, you can learn things never to spend your valuable time doing. This will save you hundreds of hours a year. One of the techniques that are widely used is calendar blocking and I’ll show you exactly how to do it, batching similar tasks together, and more. With all these resources you will be able to find some blocks of time that you can use for self-care. MANY great leaders and managers aren't getting noticed and aren't spending time for THEMSELVES when they easily could. Give me 1.5 hours to teach you how to manage your time right, and I will have you focusing only on what matters! Please ensure you book through https://yoopay.cn/event/10963609 Raquel motivates people to challenge their labels and live their life to the fullest, to follow their passion and pursue happiness. She has been challenging labels since she was born and she turned it into a strength! Please ensure you book through https://yoopay.cn/event/10963609 Just 150RMB, book at least the Sunday before and a light dinner is included. Sponsored by www.adriancahill.com

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