What we're about

The reclamation lab exists at the intersection of trash/junk, creativity, collaboration, repurposing, and learning.

piles of scratch paper - old electronic hardware no longer in use - old clothes - cardboard boxes from Amazon - glass jars - paper bags - leather scraps - unused art supplies - nuts, bolts, and leftover parts - remnants of minimalist purges - auto parts - orphaned socks - broken furniture - schoolwork and materials from bygone years - piles of bricks - fabric - found items - empty bottles - discarded lumber -
------- and anything else ready for the trash or dump -
The reclamation laboratory is a space that exists for repurposing them.

Upcoming events (1)

Northern Art Festival - Build an Art Installation (Re-lumination Tunnels)

Hello reclaimers! The first Northern Spark meetup was fun - the group did some great brainstorming, and together we worked out the following idea for our Northern Spark project: 'Re-lumination Tunnels'. Through a place she used to work, Summer has access to a huge supply of large cardboard boxes that would otherwise be recycled. We'll use these boxes to create a series of spaces, tunnels, and chambers that visitors enter and crawl/make their way through. The insides will combine lights and illumination, reclaimed objects, and...anything else! There are details to work out. One space, at least, will be created by visitors to the festival: we'll provide plastic water bottles and other reclaimed items they can design and be creative with themselves, and then make part of the tunnels as they move through them. We'll meet twice in June (maybe more) to create the tunnels. This time around, bring: - cardboard boxes - as many as possible! big, small, everything in between - water bottles - Christmas lights, lights of any kind - markers and paint - any and all trash/junk/things you want to reclaim - there are no boundaries at this point for how we design the inside of the tunnels - ideas about the following question: If you were to crawl through a tunnel network into little chambers shaped by imagination, what would you want to find in there? Northern Spark is attended by a lot of people - I think creating a project seen and experienced by so many people will earn us a lot of recognition. I'm looking forward to creating this exciting project with you guys!

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