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Meet other local progressive Muslims and get together in an open, compassionate and non-judgmental environment. We welcome new Muslims, old Muslims, LGBTQ Muslims, and Muslims in mixed-faith relationships. Our goal is to build a community in Los Angeles based on the core Islamic values of compassion, equality, social justice, and human rights. A place where you can be yourself AND Muslim!

This progressive Muslim community was founded on January 6, 2006 and is the Los Angeles chapter of the national and the oldest progressive Muslim organization, Muslims for Progressive Values, a 501 (c) (3), founded in July 2007. For more details about MPV please visit www.mpvusa.org (http://mpvusa.org/).

Meetups are scheduled very regularly as announced. Activities include socializing, discussion, spiritual conversation, youth open mics, zikr, hiking, social activism/volunteer work, celebrating holidays, and experiencing art, film, and music.

We gather regularly mostly for discussion and spiritual reflection. All who come with an open mind and loving heart are welcome--including non-Muslim friends, significant others, etc. Topics are announced in advance so that those interested can prepare for a meaningful and informed discussion.

In setting up our prayer space, we strive to create a caring environment in which no one is segregated or excluded. Attendees are invited in turn to lead prayer, regardless of gender. This means that the prayer may be led by a man or a woman, the sermon (khutbah) may be delivered by a man or a woman. The group of congregants is mixed, standing and seated together, like we do in Mecca, which we call "Mecca-style". Of course, individual men and women can choose to stand/sit to one side or the other if they prefer. We also end our prayer segments with spiritual songs.

For information on MPV and the principles that inform and guide us, please visit About Us (http://mpvusa.org/mpv-principles/).

We are happy to announce that we have an officiant available. Officiant is open to marrying mixed faith couples as well as same-sex couples.

Please contact Ani at info@mpvusa.org for information on Islamic interfaith wedding services.

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Quran Reading Group

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Salams everyone!

Been a while, but let's restart up our Quran Group on Saturday, Sept 25. We'll start at 10am PST (1pm EST, 6pm BST).

Last time, we discussed the esoteric narrative of Surah Kahf, the "Cave." Let's continue with that covering verses 18:60-82, on the story of Moses and his companion ("Al-Khidr").

Group Description:

The Quran is the central text of Muslim religious tradition and deeply poetic and beautiful. Yet it has been and continues to be used to justify oppression like misogyny and violence. Approaching the text can be difficult, but it's crucial for us to reclaim our heritage. Let's get together to struggle with, connect to, and grow from the Quran while exploring contextualist/progressive approaches to the text. Everyone's welcome - no level of familiarity or knowledge of Arabic required.

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Quran Reading Group

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