What we're about

Meet other local people who enjoy playing Magic: the Gathering in the DC metro area (DC, Southern Maryland and Northern Virginia).

Q: COVID restrictions... are folks still playing?

A: Yes.. absolutely. Some stores remain closed due to space limitations or because of current events. Some stores and events moved to socially distanced spaces. Others try hosting outdoors. And many started using Arena to play (Arena is the new PC version of Magic). We encourage everyone to socialize safely and be considerate of other players' personal space. We understand that some players may be more accepting of COVID risks than others, but some folks are more vulnerable or may share homes with elderly or other vulnerable population.

Note on Local Game Stores:

It is a tough year for local businesses. Its tempting to grab those discount boxes on the internet, but think about spending the extra 10-20 dollars on your local stores so they can return the favor next year and beyond providing us great places to hang out and immerse ourselves in gaming.

Q: Do you have a Discord?

A: Of course we do. It includes copious chat rooms for whatever you want to play. Go here to join: https://discord.gg/dnHrwP7acF

Q: Who should join us?

A: Anyone who lives or plays in the area and wants to get into the original collectible card game, more specifically- you! We play both casual and competitive events and have everything from new players to twenty year veterans. We also like to combine events with social gatherings, so on occasion we have stuff like BBQs, MTG and beer, MTG and movie night.

Q: What are the benefits of joining us?

A: In addition to meeting other Magic players in the area, you can find others to trade with, people to bounce ideas off of, people to carpool with to tournaments.. word on the street is that all the cool kids in DC are in our group.

Q: Where do you usually play?

A: We play in a few local stores as well as at player's homes. Wherever you go in DC you are bound to run into some players from the meetup.

For more locations, times and other information join the group!


Upcoming events (4+)

Friendly Brawl [Arena] - Weekly Event

Link visible for attendees

This is the weekly Brawl event hosted on Arena.

What is Brawl? Brawl is a constructed format using 60 cards. Brawl decks have a "Commander" and 59 additional cards. The deck can't contain more than one copy of any card (except basic lands). Your commander lives in the "command zone" and when they die, you can recast them over and over. Its a fantastic format for anyone that isn't heavily invested in Arena but has random cards they don't use- turn those singleton cards and jank into a fun Brawl deck!

Format: Friendly Brawl. Be sure to choose "Friendly Brawl" over "Brawl." Normal Brawl only allows Standard cards, whereas Friendly Brawl lets you reach back into all the cards ever released on Arena. At this time Arena only supports 1v1 for Brawl, so we'll do an unofficial bracket to play through the night. I encourage folks to build fun, creative and interactive decks. Sure you could load it up with 40 counterspells but who is going to enjoy that?

Rewards: Well there is no prize support, but we will post the winners each week to the Meetup boards and Discord, so you'll get bragging rights at least. Just be prepared, if you come out with a tryhard combo deck, we will be gunning for you the next week!

Where: We'll meet on Discord. https://discord.gg/dnHrwP7acF

Crystal City Commander Night

Needs a location

Come play some casual Commander at Crystal City as we are restarting this weekly meetup due to the easing of COVID restrictions! Bring your favorite decks for some pickup games, and feel free to bring your trade binders if you'd like!

We will play at The Landing, which is the underground indoor seating area in the Crystal City Shops, right next to the Crystal City Metro Station.

To ensure everyone's safety, please be vaccinated and/or wear a mask when coming to meet in person!

Please feel free to join our Discord for the most up-to-date information: https://discord.gg/fBUWvrAVMv

Friday Night Magic (FNM) Locations

Needs a location

Each entry has the name, address, phone, basic event information. You can also click on the store name to visit their website.

If information on any of these has changed, please let an organizer know. If there are COVID restrictions, please highlight those.


Labyrinth Games (https://www.google.com/calendar/embed?src=kathleen@labyrinthgameshop.com&ctz=America/New_York)
645 Pennsylvania Ave SE
Washington, DC[masked]
(starts at 6pm - limited seating, reserve a spot here (http://labyrinthdc.eventbrite.com/))


Curio Cavern (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Curio-Cavern/118801118183989)
6701 Loisdale Rd, Suite F
Springfield, VA 22150
(starts at 6pm - standard constructed)
(starts at 11pm - booster draft)
See their calendar (https://www.google.com/calendar/embed?src=tawm.heyyd%40gmail.com&ctz=America%2FNew_York) for more info

Victory Comics (http://www.victorycomics.com/)
586 So. Washington St.
Falls Church, VA 22046
(starts at 630pm - rotates between sealed and draft
See calendar (http://www.victorycomics.com/Event_Schedule.html) for more info

The Island Games (http://www.theislandg.com/events)
-CLOSED- (thanks for the all the good times!)

Collector's Corner (http://www.collectorscornerva.com)
47024 Harry Byrd Hwy. #106
Sterling, VA[masked]
(starts at 7pm - rotate between draft and sealed. Sealed is always the first week)

Game Parlor (http://www.gameparlor.com/)
-CLOSED- *thanks for all the good times

Comics and Gaming (Gainesville) (http://www.comics-gaming.com/)
7556 Gardner Park Dr
Gainesville, VA[masked]
(starts at 730pm - standard and booster draft)

The Fantastic Store (http://www.thefantasticstore.com/)
14508 Lee Road, Unit F
Chantilly, VA[masked]
(starts at 7pm, draft)

Comics and Gaming (Fairfax) (http://www.cgoffx.com/events.html)
10385 Main Street
Fairfax, VA[masked]
(starts at 730pm - Standard, draft and another event)
See calendar (http://www.cgoffx.com/events.html)for more information

Anime Pavilion (http://www.animepavilion.com/)
115 Hillwood Ave, Suite 10
Falls Church, VA[masked]
(starts at 915pm - booster draft)

Huzzah Hobbies
4927 George Washington Blvd
Suite 165, Ashburn, VA[masked]
(Starts at 6pm, draft or Standard)
For more information, see calendar (http://huzzahhobbies.com/wordpress/calendar/)


Hacker's Ink Mancave (http://www.facebook.com/hackersinkmancave)
1 Hamilton Street
Ellicott City, MD 21044
(starts at 6pm - draft)
calendar for more info

Play More Games (http://www.playmoregamestore.com/)
42 Bureau Drive,
Gaithersburg, MD[masked]
(starts at 6pm, multiple events)
See calendar (http://www.playmoregamestore.com/events)for more info

Xanadu Games (http://www.xanadu-games.com/schedule.php)
-no longer supports Magic-

Thanks For Playing (http://thanksforplayingtcg.com)
3520 Worthington Blvd, Unit 201
Ijamsville, MD, 21704
(starts at 630pm - rotates between standard and draft)
See calendar (http://www.thanksforplayingtcg.com/index_files/Page435.htm) for more infro

Beyond Comics (https://www.facebook.com/Beyond-Comics-69532697333/)
18749 N Frederick Ave, Ste B
Gaithersburg, Maryland[masked]

Family Game Store (https://www.familygamestore.net/fgswebapp/)
8600 Foundry Street Savage
Savage, Maryland[masked]
(6pm varying events - see calendar (https://www.familygamestore.net/fgswebapp/))

Saturday Pick-Your-Poison Draft!

Needs a location

Come on down to the "Pick-Your-Poison" draft--full vaccination is required!

Here's how it works:

I have dozens of sets, including every "normal" set printed since Scars of Mirrodin, and some older/odder ones like M12, Dark Ascension, and Conspiracy 1 and 2. I've also got deluxe packs: New Phyrexia, Shards of Alara, Iconic Masters, and Modern Masters 3, to name a few. You choose three different packs (for variety's sake, only one of those packs can be from the last 3 sets) and we all sit down and draft with what we've chosen. The price varies based on what you pick (on average it's $14, which would cover three normal packs and prize support). PRIZES ARE PACK-PER-WIN. If you have cool packs you'd like to open, be my guest! For every pack you bring, I lower the price for you by $3.

PACKS PRICE LIST (Note: unlisted Packs are $3, and Masters-marino re-packs, should I have them, are only $1):

Shadowmoor: $22
Modern Masters 2017: $17
Eternal Masters: $20
New Phyrexia: $16
Ultimate Masters: $15
Planar Chaos: $15
Betrayers of Kamigawa: $15
Eventide: $15
Double Masters 2022: $14
Convention Mystery Booster: $12 SALE
Alara Reborn: $13
Onslaught: $13
Modern Masters 2015: $12
Odyssey: $12
Planeshift: $12
Apocalypse: $12
Shards of Alara: $11
Scars of Mirrodin: $10
Scourge: $9
Nemesis: $9
Avacyn Restored: $8
Mirrodin Besieged (Faction Packs): $8
Masters 25: $8
Time Spiral Remastered: $7
Magic 2011: $7
Iconic Masters: $7
Kaladesh: $7
Conspiracy Take the Crown: $7
Magic 2012: $6
Aether Revolt: $5
Khans of Tarkir: $5
Dragons of Tarkir: $5
Conspiracy: $5
Dark Ascension: $5
War of the Spark: $5
Hour of Devastation: $4
Magic 2012: $5
Magic 2014: $4
Magic 2013: $4

Everything else, basically: $3

We cultivate a safe, friendly atmosphere. Please keep other's feelings close to mind. Derogatory comments of any kind are unacceptable, as is behavior that may make others uncomfortable, such as displays of anger, suggestive or abusive language, or rage-quitting. If the stresses of the game are getting to you, we encourage you to politely sit out for a while or reconsider your attendance. Thank you!

If this is your first time RSVPing to one of my events, please message me to confirm your full vaccination status and that you will be attending.

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Sealed League at Board and Brew

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