What we're about

Meet other local people who enjoy playing Magic: the Gathering in the DC metro area (DC, Southern Maryland and Northern Virginia).

Q: COVID restrictions... are folks still playing?

A: Yes.. absolutely. Some stores remain closed due to space limitations or because of current events. Some stores and events moved to socially distanced spaces. Others try hosting outdoors. And many started using Arena to play (Arena is the new PC version of Magic). We encourage everyone to socialize safely and be considerate of other players' personal space. We understand that some players may be more accepting of COVID risks than others, but some folks are more vulnerable or may share homes with elderly or other vulnerable population.

Note on Local Game Stores:

It is a tough year for local businesses. Its tempting to grab those discount boxes on the internet, but think about spending the extra 10-20 dollars on your local stores so they can return the favor next year and beyond providing us great places to hang out and immerse ourselves in gaming.

Q: Do you have a Discord?

A: Of course we do. It includes copious chat rooms for whatever you want to play. Go here to join: https://discord.gg/dnHrwP7acF

Q: Who should join us?

A: Anyone who lives or plays in the area and wants to get into the original collectible card game, more specifically- you! We play both casual and competitive events and have everything from new players to twenty year veterans. We also like to combine events with social gatherings, so on occasion we have stuff like BBQs, MTG and beer, MTG and movie night.

Q: What are the benefits of joining us?

A: In addition to meeting other Magic players in the area, you can find others to trade with, people to bounce ideas off of, people to carpool with to tournaments.. word on the street is that all the cool kids in DC are in our group.

Q: Where do you usually play?

A: We play in a few local stores as well as at player's homes. Wherever you go in DC you are bound to run into some players from the meetup.

For more locations, times and other information join the group!


Upcoming events (5)

Strixhaven Draft On Arena

Online event

Moving Draft to Arena for the moment. Looking to leverage http://mtgadraft.herokuapp.com/ to allow us to draft on the website and then import our decks to Arena to play our games. The only rule is that you need to have enough cards in Arena or enough wildcards to convert whatever card you pick.

Before the event started, I'll message everyone with the session ID and the Hangouts link so we can all be on and talk while we draft (to give us some normalcy). After that, we can get our games in and I'll come up with some kind of prize support.

Event will be free and I'm looking to provide a first place prize (most likely digital sleeve code or similar).

We will meet on Discord here:

Vintage at Ryan's (NE DC)

Ryan Seeley

This event is on hiatus due to covid-19. I will update it again when we resume playing again in person.

Before coming out! Text me[masked]

This is to verify the meeting is still taking place. Sometimes we switch day of week it is happening or the location.

The focus of this meetup is to play/test the Vintage format. The environment is casually competitive.

Typical meetup size is 2-8 players.

All you need to bring is yourself and a desire to play the best format in Magic. We have plenty of proxied decks available so you can try out different archtypes.

Location is 5 minute walk from the Dunn Loring metro.Visitor parking passes are available if you plan to drive. Text me your car make, model and license plate number and I will have a pass ready for you.


Sealed League at Board and Brew

The Board and Brew

April 1st starts our first league meet at the Board and Brew. $30 Entry fee pays for six packs, three drafted on week one and three for your sealed pool. Prizes will be distributed at the end of each month. Drafts will be played every Wednesday to increase card pool, and contributes toward the league's prize pool.

Week One (First week of each new league month)

• $30 Entry fees Required

• Receive 3 packs for sealed pool

• 7:00pm - Receive 3 packs for draft

Deck Construction

• Minimum deck size of 40 cards

• No restrictions for duplicates of non-basic land cards in decks

• Cards not in deck after deck construction can be used for sideboard

Week Two - Four (Each week following Week One of each new league)

• 7:00pm - $15 Draft to add to card pool (optional)

• participating in draft as a league member increases prize pool outcome

Deck Construction

• Minimum deck size of 60 cards

• Decks cannot have more than 4 duplicates of any cards that is not a basic land

• Cards not in your deck can be used for sideboard

League Matches

• All League Matched must be played and documented at the Board and Brew.

• Maximum of five ranked matched can be recorded per week

• If you miss one or all ranked matches during a given week you can make-up matched during the following week.

• League play will not be charged the usual game fee (exceptions apply, more information below)

EXCEPT Thursday night**, Friday night**, all day Saturday, and Sunday midday***..

** "Nighttime" defined to be "at or after 7 pm"

Late to the Party

• You can join the league any Wednesday after Week One but will be required to deck construction rule for that week.

•You will still be eligible for full prize support

Prize Support

• prizes will be given to the top half of finishing participants each month

• the prize pool will start at twelve packs for eight players, an additional four packs for each draft till the end of each league month

Friendly Brawl [Arena] - Weekly Event

Online event

This is the weekly Brawl event hosted on Arena.

What is Brawl? Brawl is a constructed format using 60 cards. Brawl decks have a "Commander" and 59 additional cards. The deck can't contain more than one copy of any card (except basic lands). Your commander lives in the "command zone" and when they die, you can recast them over and over. Its a fantastic format for anyone that isn't heavily invested in Arena but has random cards they don't use- turn those singleton cards and jank into a fun Brawl deck!

Format: Friendly Brawl. Be sure to choose "Friendly Brawl" over "Brawl." Normal Brawl only allows Standard cards, whereas Friendly Brawl lets you reach back into all the cards ever released on Arena. At this time Arena only supports 1v1 for Brawl, so we'll do an unofficial bracket to play through the night. I encourage folks to build fun, creative and interactive decks. Sure you could load it up with 40 counterspells but who is going to enjoy that?

Rewards: Well there is no prize support, but we will post the winners each week to the Meetup boards and Discord, so you'll get bragging rights at least. Just be prepared, if you come out with a tryhard combo deck, we will be gunning for you the next week!

Where: We'll meet on Discord. https://discord.gg/dnHrwP7acF

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Pick-Your-Poison: Masked & Outdoors!

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