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DC Cube Draft: Mirrodin/Darksteel/5th Dawn

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Free cube draft - no need to bring money or cards. We're going to try to start at 6:30. If you're running a little late, don't worry - we'll deal you into the draft mid-pack, and if you miss a pack altogether we'll give you extra cards in addition to the missing packs to make up for it. But do try to come on time (and don't forget to account for parking!). Or you can even arrive a little early. I have some Modern decks that I'm always happy to play. Most of our cubes are essentially re-drafts of older sets (original Mirrodin through Shadowmoor), although occasionally something more recent (Rise of the Eldrazi and Innistrad). I have complete sets with 2 extra copies of each common and 1 extra copy of each uncommon. We usually pick a set, randomly generate boosters using 1 rare, 3 uncommons, and 10 commons, and then draft as normal. If you RSVP and later learn that you can't make it, please change your status ASAP so that another can take your place and we can have a full set of players. When you get to the apartment building, look me up in the call box (last name Kersten) and dial me to get in. If you have any trouble, you can call me at 513-515-1868 using your own phone. Just try to be punctual - no one likes sitting around waiting for the 8th person to show up to the draft! And if you have your own cube and want a chance to run it, shoot me an email and perhaps we can draft it at my place.