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Hi Friends,

Myself Manoj. I love traveling and explore the unexplored world.

• The main reason of this group is to find like minded travel freaks to share trips. Because every time I wanted to travel, I ask my friends to join my trips and none of them were interested. So due to that I had to cancel my trip plans or postpone my trips for my friends availability. When I travel alone, my trip budget will be more compared to traveling with a group. So that's the main reason behind creating this group.

• I'm good at planning trips and creating itineraries.

• I'm not from any travel company or I'm not a travel agent.

• I'm an individual who share my upcoming travel plans and schedules where you can join and travel with me.

• I'm not here to make money, I'm here only to meet travel partners with whom I can travel.

• If you're interested in traveling with me or if you have any ideas about the trips in your mind. Please message me we can schedule an event and travel together.

• The entire trip cost will be shared among the group without any profit.

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Happy traveling my friends...

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