What we're about

You're wondering what's MTL+ACADEMY?

In a nutshell :

1 - Workshops to gain greater expertise in a specific topic (SEO, SEM, Growth Hacking...)
2 - Real industry experts with years of practice sharing their proven marketing tactics
3 - Our training sessions are based on trendy problematics so you can be operative and ready to KICK IT like a Ninja!
4 - We offer courses in French and English
Affordable prices
5 - A community of passionate people

Our mission:

Whether you’re a consultant, an entrepreneur or employee, our MTL+Academy workshops were built for you!
Conceived to help you better understand tools or important trends in your industry both in a theoretical & actionnable way!
The objective is to accompany you in your professional development!

The whole MTL+ACADEMY team is at your service. We adapts our offer to your needs so that we offer more & more trainings that will really move the needle for you. We work together to constantly evolve content and techniques to ensure relevance and immediate value for you and your organization.
As with our monthly event MTL+Ecommerce the objective is that you can apply what you’ve learned the next morning at work!

Our vision:

A community that sets itself apart by its know-how. Our teachers come from the professional world and we carefully select them for their expertise. We’re ready to go to the other side of the globe to provide you with the best teachers. Our job is to identify the best marketing expert and get them to teach you what they know. You'll learn from the best to become one.

MTL+Academy offers a solid package of courses with all the fundamental pillars of skills needed on the market in order to give individuals several options for growth and development.

How it works:

Our workshops are for a minimum group of 15 - 30 people.
According to your needs and at your request, our workshops can take place in the evenings or during the weekend.
Bring your laptop or notebook and your smile!

MTL+Academy team

See you soon!

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