ML on Time-series Data/Serving with TensorFlow + 4 Lightning Talks

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Allô ML community! Join us for a reboot of this meetup group and the first meetup of 2019. We have a main presentation and 4 lightning talks.

Tentative schedule:
18h15-18h30: arrival/registration
18h15-18h45: soft drinks/snacks & networking
18h45-19h30: main presentation/tutorial
19h30-19h45: break
19h45-21h00: announcements and lightning talks
21h00-21h30: networking/casual brainstorming

Mandatory registration:

On the program:
- Main presentation by Masood Krohy (Title: Seq2seq Model on Time-series Data: Training and Serving with TensorFlow)

- Lightning talks:
~ Jules Lambert (Title: Tutorial on Lime model explanation)
~ Jenny Midwinter (Title: CNN Based Auto-Pilot for a Wheelchair)
~ Grant McKenzie (Title: A machine learning approach to identifying urban neighborhood names)
~ Freddy Lecue (Title: On the importance of explanation for AI adoption in industry)

Summaries of talks and bios of presenters:

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