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C++ User Group Munich is for professionals and beginners interested in modern C++, exchange of experience, and networking.

You're already in love with C++ or just started some tutorial. You want to talk to other C++ developers about template metaprogramming, concepts, or the next C++ standard. You have some awesome library ideas in mind you'd like to see in the next Boost release but don't really know how. You're looking for a new job or your company has exciting job offers for C++ developers. Or you simply don't mind an opportunity to attend interesting talks about C++ topics.

We organize a meetup once a month with a talk about C++ topics. Sponsors welcome!

Recordings of previous talks in our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/mucplusplus

Our Code of Conduct: http://berlincodeofconduct.org

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Template Shenanigans: Testing, debugging and benchmarking template code

On March 16th we have the pleasure to welcome Jonathan O'Connor to our user group. Jonathan learned to program on a TI58 calculator in 1977. He learned C++ 11 years later, and although he moved over to the dark side, writing Java code for 10 years and Ruby for 6, he is now back writing C++ for a small German software house, The Cluster Company GmbH. In his spare time, he plays chess, cooks and communes with his alpacas.

Abstract: Modern C++ is all about templates, but how do you develop that code? This talk looks at some simple and not so simple techniques and tools to help write correct and efficient template code. We look at some tricks to debug template code, both at compile and run time. Then we look at some techniques to test templated code. Finally, we investigate how to see what template instantiations the compiler creates.

19:00 (CEST) -- Start of the videostream

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