"Atomics without <atomic>" and "C++ AMP at work"

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"Atomics without "

Presenter: Daniel Eiband (Senior Software Engineer Augmented Reality)

Abstract: With C++11 the new library was introduced which provides low level atomics. Refactoring a large code base to make use of this new library however turned out to be a bigger challenge than expected. This talk explains the challenge and everything you need to know about the memory model, the compiler vendor, and the X86 processor to solve this particular refactoring problem.

"C++ AMP at work"

Presenter: Wolfgang Meisl (Software Manager Radiotherapy), Ulrich Haberhauer (Senior Software Engineer Radiotherapy)

Abstract: C++ AMP (Accelerated Massive Parallelism) is a language extension which allows to execute C++ code directly on accelerator hardware such as graphics boards. It can be a feasible and convenient way to benefit from the large computing power of modern GPUs for certain problems. This talk gives a short overview of C++ AMP and compares it with similar technologies like OpenCL and CUDA. Furthermore, it is demonstrated which performance improvements can be achieved in a real world application.