The Zero Cost Exception Model

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Exceptions are the cornerstone of C++'s error handling. In this presentation I'll look at how exceptions are compiled and processed at run-time. I'll give a step-by-step view of the zero cost model, and determine it's actual costs. It is by no means free, but an improvement to the previous method. Is it the best way however?

I worked on exceptions while writing my own compiler. I will show how common code structures, including destructors, get compiled to low-level blocks. This in turn shows how exceptions are handled, and propagated.

19:00: Get together, networking (snacks and drinks)
19:30: Welcome note Celonis
19:40: Lightning talk 1
~20:00: The Zero Cost Exception Model (Edaqa Mortoray)
~21:10 Open discussions
~22:00 The end

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