C++ Insights: How stuff works, Lambdas and more!

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Wednesday, January 22, 2020
7:00 PM

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Today we have the pleasure to welcome Andreas Fertig to our user group. Andreas is an independent trainer and consultant for C++ specializing in embedded systems. It is because of his classes he developed cppinsights.io to make teaching C++ more visual. In the times Andreas is not working with C++ he creates macOS applications or enjoys his leasure time.

Abstract: With the help of C++ Insights we’ll dive into how things work in C++, through the eyes of the compiler.

For example we’ll look at some apparently simple cases like implicit conversions, and how in-class initializers work. We won’t stop there though! We’ll also walk through how the compiler generates lambdas and explore why you might care.

And of course this is C++ so it would be remiss of us not to also take a peek at one of our favourite C++ features: variadic templates!

Welcome to the compiler’s world with C++ Insights, and at the very least come away from the talk with a whole new way of looking at the code you write!

19:00 -- Welcome with snacks and drinks
19:30 -- Welcome by our host
19:35 -- Lightning talk
19:45 -- Main talk
~21:00 -- Open discussions
22:00 -- Official end