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Life is about searching moments of happiness. Sometimes those moments can be found in events. There are certain people in your life who are happy ‘moment carriers’. You got to find those people, recognize their worth and never let them go. Let us help you walk the journey of life with a SMILE. I believe you are my happy moment carriers. Give yourself a happiness boost by joining us. Use this platform as a ‘refueling station’. “You are ‘unique’, don’t compare yourself with others”.

ABOUT US: Do not allow the PAST or the FUTURE to rob you of your PRESENT. Life is like a bank account. You withdraw from what you’ve put in. So deposit lots of happiness in this account of memories.

WHAT WE ARE? We are a non-profit; non-commercial, Voluntary Social Group, focused on spreading Happiness. Encouraging and promoting random acts of kindness. Reaching out to the community/society and helping our fellow members. Each day is a gift – cherish and treasure it. We need your support to spread happiness and providing support to others is a powerful source of happiness. This is a great platform to distress & rejuvenate. We have events of all sorts, such as – adventure activities, social and cultural shows, outdoor and indoor activities, travel, etc. We shall always be open to productive & practical suggestions. As a group we shall welcome improved and enhanced change, with a positive attitude. Please appreciate that we have initiated this group at great cost to ourselves in terms of time, resources, commitment and money, so that we may bring to you a plethora of activities/events on a common platform for the enjoyment and happiness of fellow members. We would like to provide a comfortable platform for girls/ladies. so be rest assured of your doubts and apprehensions. This in turn creates bonding and a feeling of comaraderie between fellow members within the group thus creating MUSKARATE CHEHARE…..


Not a network marketing or advertising site

Not a site for soliciting female companionship nor an Escort Service

Not a professional group nor a business promotion group

Not a religion nor a cult


1.You have to be a member for atleast 6 months and should have attended atleast 4 events in order to be an ‘Event Host’. But sr.members who have had the experience of hosting events in other groups shall have the liberty of doing so with prior consent of the organiser

2.All members need to post a valid/latest- front view profile photo which is clear and visible. This is mandatory

3.Providing all information on your profile registration form is mandatory

4. You need to be validated from an existing member, or call the ‘Organiser’ for a telephonic chat to complete the process of membership to 'Muskarate Chehare'.

5.Any complaint or grevience from a fellow member shall be addressed on a priority basis.

6.Personal comments and usage of strong/abusive language/negative comments shall be discouraged and looked down upon. Strong action shall be taken.

7. Members are requested to first read the 'detailed' information of the event before posting any comment/query/clarification. Most of the event posts are self explanatory.

8. Female members are requested to use their discretion which exchanging contact nos/email ids/addresses with fellow members.

9. Members are expected to attend atleast one event in a month. If you are found not to have attended any event for a continuous stretch of 2 months you stand to lose your membership. We encourage active, regular & responsible participation and are not looking for just increase in members.

10. Please RSVP responsibly. if you default twice, you shall be given a warning, after which the 3rd time defaulting, you stand to lose your membership. Your RSVP shall be taken as a confirmation of your attendance. if for some reason you change your mind, you are requested to change your rsvp too atleast a day in advance for local events and atleast 4 days in advance for outstation events. Failing which your contribution shall be forfeited for outstation events and there shall be no refund; and for local events you shall still be liable to contribute. This kind of irresponsible behaviour shall not be accepted.

11. We are not responsible for members behaviour or interaction with fellow members before or after the event. What they do during their time is not our responsibility. During the event if a member complaints, then appropriate action shall be taken as deemed fit by the Organiser.

12. Sending unsolicited mails/sms/messages by male members to female members shall be looked down upon and appropriate action taken.

13. This is a social voluntary group. Hence any contributions - in kind or in cash (over n above the individual contribution) by any member(s), shall have no binding, legal or otherwise of any kind on the group or the Organiser, whatsoever. Whoever contributes, shall do so of his/her own free will, willingly and voluntarily. The Organiser shall not be bound, in any way to the contributor nor will the organiser be bound/ or obliged to share this information with other members. The discretion shall lie with the Organiser. The contributor or members shall not have any right for any explanation. The Organiser shall be at liberty to use the contribution for the group in whichever way he/she deems appropriate. Your contributions shall not give you special rights automatically, unless the Organiser chooses to give you that liberty. The Organiser is at liberty to use her discretion to the usage of contributions both in cash and in kind.

14.Please appreciate that these do’s & don'ts are to filter out people that bring negative energy/have ulterior selfish motives/malafide intentions. We would like to maintain harmony, decorum & camaraderie within the group without sitting on judgement or doing moral policing.

15. Members are responsible for their own actions. the onus of responsibility lies with the individual and not upon the group or the Organiser.

16. Please refrain from indulging in politics and power games within the group. It defeats the sole purpose of the group and its objective.

17. Once you rsvp for an event, please keep track of its development till the day its implemented.

18. For all contributory events, please send in your contribution while you rsvp, do not delay and definitely do not wait till beyond the 'last day of sending in your contribution'. its added work for the organiser to send reminders.

19. Attending atleast one event during the first month of your becoming a MC member is mandatory; failing which at the end of the month your membership shall be deleted. This reflects on your intent

Please be aware that we are neither bound, nor responsible in any way for the activities operated by the group members. You join/ participate / and interact of your own accord and free will & host events voluntarily. There is no imposition. You may request for information/ clarification, or any kind of explanation, but may not ‘demand it’, and definitely do not have the right to it.

The Organiser is at liberty to withhold any information regarding the group, its members, or its activities. The Organiser is also not obliged to divulge any information regarding the group or its events. Sharing of voluntary information lies solely with the discretion of the organiser.

Strict checking of posting of professional/commercial events/advertisement & personal friendship mails to females shall be done.

All events are operated on a ‘No profit - No loss/Contributory’ basis.

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Nature trail at Bhondsi - sun 23rd Jan 2022

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On a Wing - Dhanauri Wetland - Sat 29th Jan

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Trek on Lalkot wall in Sanjay Van - Sun 30th Jan

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"Lohri Celebration" - Thurs 13th Jan

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