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This group is a supportive environment to meet with other moms of tweens and teens. They say it takes a village to raise a child, but what about those who don’t know where to find that? This group is your tribe - supportive, understanding and here to have each others backs - because parenting pushes buttons and presents situations you never had or thought you would encounter.
When our kids were little in some ways it was easier to meet and and make connections with other moms - we spent more time at the parks, sports or dance classes and could talk while the kids were occupied. Now that they’re older, most activities (and playdates) are drop off or wait in the car. While this can free up time it also can increase the loneliness we feel from not having that same regular connection.
I’ve noticed this even more as we recently moved here from MA and know that there have to be other moms who feel it too. So let’s get together and connect! I’m hoping to meet 1-2 times per month and will present a quick 15 minute “focus topic”, and then we can all q&a and share support - Anything goes here, let’s be real and talk about what’s really going on with us (and our kids) and how we can help each other and our kids to be happy and healthy.
Once a month I’d also love to plan a mom’s night out - dinner, movies, paint nights - you name it and we can try it!

Sandy Hall is a parenting coach and loves helping moms build better families.

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