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*Thursday Night Pizza Ride *Lights Mandatory*
Tampa can get boring - gotta get out and ride sometime. Riding burns calories, so why not combine those and come out and ride with us on one of the groups signature rides? This is not a race but a ride at a social pace with re-grouping as needed Since I expect it to be dusky to full dark on our return this is tagged with LIGHTS ONLY** Ride. Meet up at at the YMCA on S Himes *LIGHTING EQUIPMENT [§[masked])] A bicycle operated between sunset and sunrise must be equipped with a lamp on the front exhibiting a white light visible from 500 feet to the front and both a red reflector and a lamp on the rear exhibiting a red light visible from 600 feet to the rear. Additional lighting is permitted and recommended. $35 fine if the police care to be friendly. As always, helmets are highly encouraged, and iPods discouraged (HEADSET NOT TO BE WORN [§[masked]] A cyclist may not wear a headset, headphone or listening device, other than a hearing aid, while riding.) Typical Evening Ride shorter route ( or longer route ( Depending on who shows up we'll typically be at a 13-18MPH pace, but take that with a grain of salt - we ride at the pace comfortable for all. This is a roll out at 6:00PM ride, please allow some time to get there and get your stuff organized - We'll leave once everyone that's RSVP'd yes is there or 6:00PM If not there, please don't expect everyone to move to your schedule .

YMCA on S. Himes

4411 S Himes Ave · Tampa, FL

What we're about

Like cycling? Want to meet other local Cyclists? You should join if you're looking to meet a bunch of friendly non hard-core cyclists. Not the high speed semi-pro cyclists that flash on by, but cycling & touring for the rest of us. Group will mostly just gather for weekend rides, occasional weekday rides as well as some gear talk, training tips, etc, and a few fun charity rides and other activities that are mostly cycling centric.

Other functions we'll try to do is to:
Maintain a Calendar of Tour de Cure Events
Training Rides
Recruiting Events
Volunteer Opportunities
Maintain Information
Promote Discussions Among Members

We hope that you will join us to Help STOP DIABETES!

For the necessary documentation....

The MacDill Freewheelers is a bicycling group dedicated to fun and safe road cycling. There are no dues, officers or by-laws. We are a rather eclectic group represented by many nationalities, men and women, young and tenured with ages from 16-75, basically all sharing a joy in cycling and seek out Fun, Friendship and Philanthropy opportunities

We ride in groups based on speeds typically ranging from 12 mph to 24 mph. If a ride is designated for a particular speed, the ride leaders are expected to keep it within the stated parameters. If a ride is noted "no-drop" attention will be paid that nobody falls too far behind and will regroup as needed.

Safety is for both you and others riding with you.
Take a minute to read the safety notes below so you and other will enjoy your riding!

Important Notes for Bicycle Saftey:
Start means ready to roll/ride time.Cycling safely is our number one goal.Bike Helmets are required.Do not overlap wheels.

Communicate what you are doing to other and being a courteous is important:
Make sure that the rides you are with know what you are doing and where you are.
Call “rider up” and “rider back” to increase overall awareness.
Let people know when you are passing them with either “on your left” or “Good morning”.
Let the people you are riding with know if you are slowing.
If you are leading/pulling signal when you are going to the back of the line.
If you are the last one in line and the leader is rotating to the back let them know that you are the last wheel by calling out “last wheel”.
When entering an intersection let the other riders know if the intersection is clear or yell “stop”, “car left”, “car right”, or whatever might be appropriate.
Make sure that other know what you are doing if you are going out of the pace line. Communicate!
Trust is good, control is better, just because someone said clear, doesn't mean you can ride without looking for yourself.

* Speed: We ride from 13 to 24+ mph depending on lots of factors but "no drop" or “no one left behind” means just that, you don’t leave anyone out there straggling.

Speed Groups: D 13-15; C 15-18; B 18-20; B+ 20-22 average while riding in the group. I doubt we’ll have any A or A+ rides, but they’re A 22-25; A+ 26 and up.
* Remember to bring enough water.
* Think about warm up and cool down.
* Think about stretching before and after your ride.
* You burn about 600 calories an hour and need to have enough food to replenish or bonk.
* We are a social riding group who is dedicated to riding and friendship. We are not a club, there are no members, no dues and rides are open all.
* You are riding at your own risk.

PLEASE NOTE: Participation in any MacDill Freewheeler event implies that you have read, understand, and agree with the group’s policies. Whether you are a new member, or have been with us from the beginning, you need to take a moment and read that information.

By taking part in any MacDill Freewheeler event, you acknowledge that you realize bicycling has inherent dangers and that you assume responsibility for yourself by participating. This means you recognize and accept responsibility for your actions and understand the potential for injury and even death. We expect new riders to choose a category ride appropriate for their skills.

Per the Electronic Records and Signatures in Commerce Act, if you join this group, you agree to ALL of those terms listed and agree to abide by them.

Come Join us!!!

Drew :-)

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