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Join up with the CCC Bandits and do the Courtney Campbell

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Let's start out a bit earlier and just make our way over to the meeting point for the CCC Bandits ride across the new bridge. Just adding a few extra miles.

4411 S. Himes Ave (,+Tampa,+FL+33611&ll=27.899105,-82.503419&f=d&saddr=&iwstate1=dir:to&fb=1&geocode=-6915049694487309673,27899105,-82503419&slad=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&sa=X&ei=0hjKUpGmNabMsQTh34GYDQ&ved=0CDMQmxA) ‎ rather than 5900 W. Cypress St at 1:30PM them ride up to meet them at Cypress Point Park for their departure. Quite straight forward getting there - Himes to Euclid to Lois to Cypress to the park. As noted below, you can also meet us at various points along the way.

The rest is copied form the CCC page:

Courtney Campbell Causeway bridge.

This will be a no-drop ride. I will sweep the group to insure no one gets left behind, but anyone can go faster if they wish. This route is suitable for a road bike, mountain bike, or something in between.

Starting point is at the Cypress Point park, which is at the very western end of Cypress St. Address is: 5900 W Cypress St, Tampa, FL 33607.

Route is about 17 miles, round trip as shown here: As the route is linear it can be shortened by turning around at any point. The entire route, except for a couple of crossings, is on a bike path.


You can shorten the ride to about 11 miles by starting from the beach parking lot, which is located at about the 3-mile mark on the link above. If you start from this location be ready to roll at 2:45. (15 min after the starting time above).

Ben T Davis Beach, West Courtney Campbell Causeway, Tampa, FL, 33607


Parking is plentiful, and free, at both the Himes YMCA or at the Cypress Point park starting point.


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