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IMPORTANT: the group is currently limited to 50 members because it's only a basic account. I've made the group public so please come along to our events even if I can't make you a member - it's not personal! There's a Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2052914094730680/ (https://www.facebook.com/groups/2052914094730680/requests/)

I'm going to be leaving Macclesfield in a couple of months, so step forward if you want to take over as organiser.

For anyone who likes any kind of speculative fiction and wants to meet people to enjoy it with, whether they came to it recently through games or whether they have the entire blueprint of the Enterprise memorised and speak fluent Klingon. Especially for people who create their own fiction, games or SF-themed crafts. And if you’re that guy I’ve seen at the Treacle Market with two greyhounds dressed in Star Trek costumes WE NEED TO MEET.
More about sharing interests and ideas, and less about big companies cynically churning out endless Marvel sequels and things with the Star Wars logo on.

- Classic or hidden gem movie nights
- You-have-to-read-this book swaps
- Games nights (Star Trek Monopoly, anyone?)
- Reading comic books in the pub on Sunday afternoon

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***POSTPONED*** Star Trek TNG Monopoly

Snow Goose

Strange Stars

The International Anthony Burgess Foundation

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