Machine Intelligence and its Applications


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We are excited to announce another MIIA event at Nedbank Stellenbosch University Launch Lab, Stellenbosch University on Tuesday evening 5 September 2017 (6pm for 6:30pm).

The theme for the event is Machine Intelligence and its Applications with some experts from Stellenbosch University, Industry, and the MIIA community participating. The format of the event will be a few presentations with Q&A along with a panel discussion. We aim to showcase, amongst others, some of the excellent work being done at Stellenbosch University and Industry in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science.

Preliminary Agenda:

18:30-19:25: Presentations:
18:30: “Welcome & Introduction”, Philip Marais, LaunchLab [5 minutes]
18:35: “Machine Intelligence & its Applications introduction and MIIA update", Dr Jacques Ludik, MIIA, Cortex Logic, Bennit.AI [10 minutes]
18:45: “Learning speech models without labelled data”, Dr Herman Kamper, SU Electronic Engineering [20 minutes]
19:05: "Minerals Processing and Machine Learning", Dr John McCoy, Zander Horn, SU Process Engineering [20 minutes]

19:25-20:00: Panel Discussion: Machine Intelligence and its Applications [35 minutes]
Moderator: Dr Jacques Ludik
Participants: Dr Herman Kamper, Dr John McCoy, Zander Horn, Shaun Irwin (Stone 3), others from Industry

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Parking : At Nedbank Stellenbosch University LaunchLab, Hammandshand Road, Stellenbosch