Weekly Session - Virtual

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Every week on Saturday



Share tips, tricks, notes, industry stories/insights and help each other to move forward in learning Machine Learning content. This is designed to support active members for all to move forward.

All coursework is selected from Udacity.com online learning towards growing Machine Learning foundation and skills.

Pre-requisite courses for Machine Learning Nanodegree:

These courses are FREE

1) Introduction to Python Programming

2) Intro to Descriptive Statistics

3) Intro to Inferential Statistics

4) Linear Algebra Refresher Course

5) Intro to Machine Learning

Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree (cost ~$200/month)

Additional FREE Udacity.com coursework considerations:

• Machine Learning (by Georgia Tech, C57641)

• Machine Learning: Unsupervised Learning (by Georgia Tech, C57641)

Members and team progress maintained in Google Spreadsheet